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    Combat Res:

    Death Knight - Raise Ally
    Druid - Rebirth
    Warlock - Soulstone

    Hunters have a battle rez through their exotic pet Quilen Called Eternal Guardian. Please don't leave important things out of your post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xstaindx View Post

    Combat Res:

    Death Knight - Raise Ally
    Druid - Rebirth
    Warlock - Soulstone

    Hunters have a brez through their exotic pet QUILLEN Called Eternal Guardian. Please don't leave important things out of your post.
    We're aware, but that pet family will not be available in 5.0.4, as it is only found on the continent of Pandaria. The information in this post is that information relevant to the 5.0.4 patch going live on 8.28.

    Also, due to the fluid nature of pet buffs/debuffs, and other abilities, hunter pets were left out of that section, since it can be assumed that a hunter pet will cover everything except for Spell Haste.

    Quote Originally Posted by wlodziemier View Post
    Any info on professions ?
    Professions are not changing for 5.0.4. We won't have access to the new profession training until Mists launches, and this post was focusing on getting readers the relevant information for 5.0.4.
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    I'm so excited. Feels like Christmas or something.

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    i'm so pumped with these changes!!

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    Right here *waves*
    Quote Originally Posted by Nexsa View Post
    I'm so excited. Feels like Christmas or something.
    I'd say it feels more like new content after weeks of endless monotony
    Have you hugged a Gnome today?

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    New imp sounds like Zim at times

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bathory View Post
    New imp sounds like Zim at times
    It's the same voice actor. =]
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    To be honest, the only thing I dislike about MoP are the graphics changes. In many places, the lighting is too bright and glaring and actually tends to give me a headache. White pets or other creatures glow very annoyingly and lose definition because of it. SSAO is not worth the hit in performance, much like sunshafts so I disable both. We need an option to turn down the new lighting effects.

    Also, the video which is supposed to illustrate the changes is very poor. It doesn't even show the same areas under both systems with the way the screen is split. In many cases, the two sides of the scene are radically different in terrain so you can't tell anything from them. The only area where you can really see a difference is Uldum where the too bright lighting effect is clearly demonstrated. The old system looks better.
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    Wow, it's pretty pathetic that the video comparing the Cataclysm and MoP graphics are better for Cataclysm.

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    A map for caverns of time, finally. Although would have been more apreciated when it really was needed given that there aren't a whole lot of space for any new dungeons in there

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    Very good recap, I'll check the whole page later

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    Who ever made that comparison vid failed miserably. Split screen idea was o.k., but put the SAME goddamn scene in BOTH frames and not another with completely different colors anyway.

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    The Mage Glyph of Momentum does not work like that anymore before someone cries about that (Unless i missed that already, its early) That was a bug, blink now stops you even if slow fall is active if there's no path. Just checked it on the beta.
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    No thank you Blizzard.... GW2 is too much fun atm. Exploring and getting rewarded for it... and working with ppl while questing... instead of against them like in WOW.

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    Does anyone know, are racial changes implemented in the patch, too?

    Like the new Undead Racial
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    There is one change im most excited for. That I will never have to do isle of Conquest again! Oh lord thank you! Blizzard have done something amazing with this change. I will never have to see Isle of Conquest again! w000h00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000!!!!!

    Down rank 2 BG's from being selected by Random BG option. IoC and possibly AV/Eye depending on my mood.

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    Look at the class changes lol... After all patch builds it's confirmed that Blizz doesn't give a f.... about Rogue.

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    11 Character slots just made my day. Looks like i don't have to leave a toon abandoned on my old server.

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    I wish we could split these massive post up on the front page. Like a headache trying to take that all in at once.

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    Can't wait for tuesday!

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