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    Quote Originally Posted by Frostbites View Post
    When is this patch going to happen?
    and when will they change the drop rate of Smoldering Egg of Millagazor?
    The patch happens in less than 24 hours on the US servers at least.

    The drop rate of the Smoldering Egg of Millagazor will remain unchanged until September 25th with the release of Mists of Pandaria (too lazy to find link - was on the European forums around Aug 15th though).
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    So...can we use BOA's on any server yet, or do you still have to transfer a toon carrying the BOA's to a new server in order to use them?

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    my main has a load of achievements but my alts have achieves my main doesn't have, any1 know if a way to view account wide achievements only has been added?

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    Blizz also stated that all races will be available in this patch.

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    Just gotta say, the Ebon Imp emotes, wow, just sad and obnoxious. Let's play cram racial stereotypes and social catch phrases into a demonic creature and totally belittle it, shall we?

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    What I would really want to see is the character per account amount increase from 11 (Originally 10) to 12.

    It makes sense.

    A player could have one of each class on a server and then one of the opposite faction, assuming the first 11 were of the same faction.

    This is beneficial and goes along with the achievement coming in MoP "Double Agent".

    Would Blizzard really make me delete one of my Alliance toons to make room for a new horde toon just so I can acquire an achievement that they placed in the game for players to obtain.

    INB4 "QQ more Nerd Score junkie" and other slander, remember, achievements are present in WoW and any other games so that they can be ACHIEVED. With Blizzard's current sale on the Battle chest and WoW starter packs and players capable of RaF'ing themselves entire sets of level 80 toons, the company is practically handing players free toons and the chance to Gift level a Monk to 80 the first day of MoP.

    With the toon cap at 12, players could have more choices and one extra slot for a character of the opposite faction for more single player synergy and multiplayer experience. 11 is great but 12 is better. I think the player base and the dev's should consider this.

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    On beta my hunter pets buff shows up if a player doesn't cover it, like the water striders spell power buff. Also the graphics are so clean and vivid on beta so even thought the vids kinda hard to tell you'll see a difference. Finally this may be the first time in my WoW history (played since launch) that Ill turn the music on, love it.

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    Thanks for putting this together guys, great work. very easy to understand a majority of the changes coming with this patch. I did find the video somewhat unhelpful for the graphics updates, but i'm sure i'll be able to tell when i log on

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    We can finally send heirlooms across all servers! ... right? RIGHT?!?!?!

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    Bulk Mail and Bulk Mail inbox > than Postal. Period.

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