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    Question Just a quick question

    So I only just started playing and I am not so sure about this quest system...

    the way I understand it your only real way to gain xp is by killing mobs? theres no quest xp? or in this case task/event xp? that's essentially grinding isn't it? I figured the days of being forced to grind for xp(non-questing) was in the past lol

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    Hearts are basically quests, and while you're doing hearts/exploring you'll run into events. Hearts and events both give exp, these are your main sources of exp.
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    In PvE, you get experience from dynamic events, renown hearts, personal story missions, gathering, crafting, reviving players and NPCs, and exploration (and, of course, killing mobs).

    Dynamic events typically provide the bulk of your experience gain in PvE.

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    It just seems like in every event or heart it Just wants me to kill mobs... the personal story is nice... but the events or hearts have no story or lore behind them. It seems pretty mindless... like a grind...

    the short stint I had with warhammer seemed to have these events. but to base your leveling on it?

    I am still trying to give it a chance... but... I am starting to wonder if it really is for me...

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