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    Clarification on account wide faction mounts.

    Faction specific mounts are account wide, but you can only use them on characters with the correct faction.
    Taken from the front page of mmochamp.

    Does that mean as a mount collector I have to max rep and do the argent tourney ground on both an ally and a horde toon ?

    What im taking from that quote is that my horde mounts will show up on my ally toon but be basically unusable. But at the same time they will be increasing my mount total count on that toon.

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    yep thats correct. if you want a mount that has a different look from any horde mount, on an ally toon... go get it again. you can see the mount in your book, but it will be unusable by your ally toon and vice versa.
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    f'ing "GROAN"

    That also means I have to do the pvp grind for the pvp faction mounts.

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