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    Can anyone help?

    Hey all i pre-ordered from Amazon and thought i was entitled to a one day headstart ( Live in the UK) which would of started now but still get error code 9 'no guild wars 2 event or active or account is not authorized to participate in one
    Can anyone help?

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    only AMAZON.It seems you got the retail version of the game.You need to contact with them (there was a FAQ from ANET yesterday for that same problem)

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    Probably have to wait till tomorrow friend
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    On Amazon, there is a warning that says that you DO NOT get any sort of head-start as you a buying a retail version of the game and not a pre-order.

    Quote Originally Posted by Amazon
    Guild Wars 2 - Standard Edition
    Please note: Guild Wars 2 - Standard Edition does not come with Headstart Access or any pre-order incentives. This is the Standard Edition game only.

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    Ah thanks guys got thrown off because i got the game early this makes alot of sense . Appreciate the help guys

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