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    What's Ranger class like?

    I play WoW quite a bit, and am wondering if there is a good pet class with a controllable pet? I really loved hunter before they took away all the fun stuff of being a pet class, leveling it, feeding it, loyalty, etc. Really loved that. Anything like it in GW2? I see the ranger looks very much like the hunter, but my question is specifically about pets, how controllable are they, anything about them that is unique? Ie talents, skills, what not. I want it to be like it was before in BC playing a hunter

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    pets are nothing like old WoW, well even in WoW now pets have their talents and stuff, here your option is of course basics like setting behaviour, either guard or passive, and every pet got 1 skill you manually press.
    Good thing there's actually plenty of pets, and not just 3 families (is it 3 ? havent been playing hunter for years now), some heal, some are more tanky, some cc, you know the drill. There's also cool mechanic to swap pets during combat, you can have 2 pre-set jsut like weapons set, and it's a good idea to switch pet when he's about to die, after you switch again (after some cd) your pet will be at full health.

    You can find new pets in the world, theres nothing hard in taming it, you just pres 1 button and it's yours, pets land to your collection so there's no need for stables and such.
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