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    Sand Castle with underground city +200hrs invested solo

    http://www.youtube.com/user/RebiGames - Gladiator DK tips and tricks
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H7vD...7t_KzYAyk0VATw - Make 250k in 6 days only PvP

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    Never though anyone would build a successful sand castle, and this just blew my mind.

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    Wow, pretty impressive! Shame you didn't show it off during the day too

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    Thanks a lot! Really motivates me, I can do it, I'll post it within' few days, the day version

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    Nice now that a sand castle looks really Awesome and the music fit really nice.
    Sadly I don't play much Minecraft any more.

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    Thanks a lot ^^

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    Looks awesome, I would do a video of it during the day though. Youtube hates minecraft at night and it's kinda dark.

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    Very beautiful, the only downside is it being so strictly sandstone that it's completely monochrome. Kind of bland looking.

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    Wow. I've always wanted to build something this cool. I just never have any idea where to even start... I get overwhelmed thinking about it, so I end up just grabbing an beer and making something shitty.

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