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    Quote Originally Posted by Morrowind View Post
    Superiority in GW2 is not gained through gear.

    Please do not call me a "troll" or suggest that I am "trolling"; no matter how many disputes I have had with posters on this thread never have I been called that and I find it offensive and is quite crude on your part.
    Yes it is, we established that and you agreed to it a few pages back. The "best" players will have the "best" gear by accomplishing the hardest dungeons or PvP events. You stated the stat increase was "not on par" - not that you still don't get better stats. This is why you're called a troll - you have no countered any productive points against you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morrowind View Post
    This will be my final post (I have to get ready for mop 5.0.4 pre-patch tomorrow):
    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Why do people think WoW has so much endgame when currently they only have ONE raid zone which is Dragon Soul? And a few patches into MoP there will still be only ONE raid zone. If you wanna use games with lots to do at endgame WoW is a horrible example. Use Rift or Everquest. Both have alternate advancement forms of making your characters better at max level, which WoW does not. Rift has Planar Attunement and you grind AA points in EQ. Both also have far more raids available. Rift has 7 currently that people still run every week for gear that are for people of all gear/skill levels. I dont know off my head how many Everquest has but when I last played 2 years ago the guild I joined was working through content that was 2-3 years old so we could progress eventually into harder stuff. 3 years of content vs a single WoW raid....which one has more endgame? Also 5 mans dont count because eventually they are just there for weekly point caps not for loot. Hell most people just BG for honor gear or buy BoEs just so they can skip 5 mans because of the reputation they have earned as being full of bads and just go straight into raiding. Full honor gear is more than enough to get geared up for running LFR and a few weeks of LFR is more than enough to get you into normal modes.

    TLDR: Even if Guild Wars 2 only has 1 raid it is still just as many raids as WoW has.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Speedlance View Post
    Why can't people just hold their opinion to their self? I don't care if you don't like the game tbh. All you accomplish with this is negative publicity for new players.
    I like GW2 and I believe if you play it, like normal people would for 2-3 hours per day you will use a long time to get to lvl 80 and do everything. You forget about patches, which may or may not introduce better gear, dungeons, areas etc etc.
    If you want to leave, fine, but do it silently, because many of us will play it for a long time.
    So anytime someone has a negative opinion about a game they should just shut up? What do you want to hear nothing about positives about the game? This is the mentality from the gw2 fanboys that I can't stand. It's as if your insulting them personally if you have anything negative to say about the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firestyle View Post
    Going back to revisit the OP, I generally have to agree. My conclusion on this is that some sort of stat progression is going to be mandatory. It may not be now, but the second that next expansion hits, I see few coming back to drop $60 into vanity armor.

    Nonetheless, it doesn't devalue what they have made - which is a really awesome game that I thoroughly enjoy for what it is.
    $60 on vanity armor (ie, pay for the new expansion just for the vanity armor)? If I'm reading you correctly, I have to just laugh...I'll buy the expansion, for the content. The "vanity armor" is just a bonus, above and beyond that, and allows goals to be set. It's the exact same model that worked for years in GW1, so such skepticism is unwarranted. Buying a box for "vanity armor" would be the same as buying an expansion of WoW ...wait, who am I kidding, people like the OP only buy expansions for power, not for content.

    And OP: I've said it before, as have others, and I'll say it again, even though you say you're not going to post again (because somehow I doubt the veracity of that): GW2 doesn't have raids, it's been known since day 1 not to have raids, but that doesn't mean there's nothing in the game for people who like raids.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryngo Blackratchet View Post
    Yeah, Rhandric is right, as usual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylvanie View Post
    Oh, absolutely. There's nothing wrong with extrinsic rewards per se, only with an over-reliance on them.
    Perhaps that's what's happening with this thread?

    A lot of the people with similar complaints seem to be asking where the extrinsic reward is, and are overly concerned that a certain type of extrinsic reward isn't in the game, or else simply don't see the value in what extrinsic rewards GW2 does offer.
    Nothing wrong with preferring a certain kind, of course, but it's kind of odd some of the extreme statements people make in regards to this.
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    I hope you haven't forgotten my role in this little story. I'm the leading man. You know what they say about the leading man? He never dies.

    If you give in to your impulses in this world, the price is that it changes your personality in the real world. The player and character are one and the same.

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    $60 on vanity armor (ie, pay for the new expansion just for the vanity armor)? If I'm reading you correctly, I have to just laugh...I'll buy the expansion, for the content. The "vanity armor" is just a bonus, above and beyond that, and allows goals to be set. It's the exact same model that worked for years in GW1, so such skepticism is unwarranted.
    Yea, I know what you are saying. I feel I could do this (raid without gear) in WoW because the content is sufficiently engaging; at least so far as it's not outlived its useful life, such as the current set of content in WoW. But that's mostly because I enjoy the people I play with. I'll reiterate what I've said 3 times now; I'm hopeful for explorable dungeons as engaging content.

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    This game seems like it has a lot of content to play around with. I suppose it matters how much time you have to put into it as to how much (or how little) it seems to the individual. I work two jobs, so I get to play a couple hours (5ish max) a day and Even with the headstart, I still haven't been able to 100% Plains of Ashford (Charr starting area). I'm ALMOST done though! Doesn't help that I keep getting side tracked into doing Dynamic events that pop up out of nowhere while I'm out exploring (not that I'm complaining!).
    Now as far as gear goes, iirc, <that other game> implemented something recently that made players want to go get gear for cosmetic reasons. Nothing wrong with having an epic looking piece of armor. At max level your gear will still make you a bad mamma jamma.

    I haven't seen anyone mention (I might have missed it in all the Game Vs. Game comments), but there are tiers of gear that I have found. Located in each race's capital city will be a set of three vendors that sell Tier 1 through 3 of Cultural gear (like RSE gear from FFXI) each with better stats than the last and each set costing more Karma than the last (Tier 3 costing 63k karma per piece I believe). This would, essentially, be that "gear treadmill" everyone is talking about since you can't get karma on the AH with gold, or with gems(afaik) but only by completing events in world. And since each piece costs quite a bit, it will take time to save up and acquire a full set of each.

    This game has lots to do, you just have to look for it. Especially if you have limited time to play it.
    There is a gear treadmill, sorta, just not in the traditional sense and it's pretty much optional but still there.
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