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    Challenge mode gear recolors?

    I have a question and since i haven't found an answer anywhere i ll just ask here:Are the recolors of the challenge mode gear meant for different talent specs or are they meant for the 3 medals Bronze,Silver,Gold respectively?

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    Nothing has been officially said, but i know for sure that they are not for the different medals, as only full clear of silver times will get you the set. I am assuming the recolors were for internal uses when they were deciding which to use and were data-mined simply because they were in the files. You may also seem them on some NPCs later on in the game as they have done that before with the recolors of armor that we have seen.

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    If you look at wowhead or wowdb there's only one set listed : e.g. helmet So there's probably only one color for the set.
    Also transmog sets are only granted for Gold giving you epic chest with set items inside.
    Silver providing Ancestral Phoenix Mount and Bronze The Undaunted -Titel
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    Thanks a lot for the answers

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