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    2 pcs trying to get 60fps @ 1080p Ultra Settings


    I am looking to upgrade 2 of my home PCs. Here are the current specs:

    Build 1:

    AMD FX-8120 at 4.2ghz
    ASRock 970 EXTREME4
    8GB 1066 Ram
    GTX 560ti
    600w corsair psu
    antec 900 case
    Windows 8 64bit
    Gentoo Linux

    Build 2:

    Intel i5 2400 (since it cant OC, stock cooler)
    MB capable of 2x SLI or CFX
    4GB 1066 Ram
    GTX 460
    750w Corsair
    Cheap case (need to buy some fans)
    Windows 7 64bit

    Now my budget is $800 (give or take) to improve these two. I want to run all games at 1920x1080 (1080p) w/ maxed graphics, running at a consistent 60fps minimum (yes I am a snob in that regards). The wife and I plan on playing the following titles The Secret World, Guild Wars 2, Mists of Pandera, Civilization V, Diablo 3, Sims 3, Defense of the Ancients 2.

    Before any one says drop the AMD, I am a Linux admin by profession. I run Gentoo Linux at home which does alot of compilation that the AMD kills on especially at that price point (paid $180 for the processor and board). I live in the united states, and I have 2 Micro centers within reasonable driving distance. I also dont need an OS. Could use a set of headphones, using my sennheiser earbuds atm, getting alot of annoying interference, I read that it is a grounding issue and maybe an APC could fix it, or is it my sound card / lack there of?

    In any case these are my current thoughts:

    Build 1:
    2x 8gb 1866 Ram kits

    2-3x SLI 560ti (600w power supply? swap for the 750w?)
    1x 680 or 690
    2x 660ti

    128gb SSD (RAID 0?)

    850w modular psu (optional)
    ASUS Xonar Essence STX Virtual (optional)

    Build 2:
    1x 8gb ram kit (old ram from build 1, taking it up to 12g)

    1x 560ti (if option 1 gets an upgrade)
    1x 560ti (if option 1 goes for 2x 560ti, so I can upgrade this later and go 3x sli 560ti in option 1)
    2x 560ti (Buy 1 and the one for option 1)
    1x 660ti (take advantage of txaa in TSW)

    64g - 128g SSD (OS and 1 mmo)

    Those are just some initial thoughts. I am really trying to reach that 60fps sweet spot on both. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. If I have better options with a slightly expanded budget (1k) post that as well.
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    Make sure you have the 560 Ti 448 core edition, or you will not be able to run them in a tri-sli config.
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    ah, interesting, I have a reference model, everest to check?

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    In your first build theres really not to much upgrading to do, 1600 Mhz memory or ocing it to 1600 mhz would be something and upgrading your video card to a 670+. I think you'll find more head beating with sli when certain things/games dont support it well or the odd occassion of micro stutter but that will come down to personal preference on you buying 1 new gen top of the line card or multiple old gen cards. I wont comment on the AMD processor we'll just leave it at that . The 2nd build you could get a 2500k and OC the crud out of it. For gaming 8Gb 1600mhz ram is really all you need. throw the 560 you have in it after you replace build 1s. Heres the thing a lot of MMOs are more cpu dependent compared to regular FPS games and what not. With the 2 processors you have you still will probably be turning shadows off to squeeze those extra fps out in the games you listed.
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