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    BIO - Sinjo Firestout (Would Love Some Feedback)

    Name - Sinjo Firestout

    Age - 81

    Race - Pandaren

    Gender - Male

    Language - Pandaren, Common

    Class - Monk (Brewmaster)

    Faction - Alliance with sympathetic tendencies towards the Horde, Pandaren ( Because his initial experiences where with the Alliance he gives them more of his support. However he realizes the Horde is just another side of the coin so does not hate them, and will not purposefully seek a fight just because of someones affiliation. Above all he will protect his Pandaren brothers and sisters.)

    Likes - Adventure, a good brew, competition

    Dislikes - To loose, rigorous training (He would instead rather perform in real fights and adventures)

    Appearance - 5 feet 4 inches tall, around 185 pounds, Athletic build with a slight pudge on the belly. Violet eyes

    Equipment - Sinjo wears simple robes over a standard leather jerkin and other leather padding over vital parts of his body. On his back is a large keg in the Pandaren style with straps that he can wear like a backpack. It depicts Pandaren in combat and seems to be made out of jade with other semi-precious stones forming the characters and scenery. He has a bambus staff that is about as tall as he is, though he can use it to fight with in a pinch, it is more to assist his walking in his travels. Attached to the back of his keg is a large two handed katana style sword (think Ta'Kierthan Songblade) with the blade wrapped in linen unless he needs it. His main weapons of choice are two gloves that can be hidden up his sleeves. They are similar to brass knuckles with hardened metal covering his hand and the pieces of flint on the palms to create his breath of fire. Finally he wears a large hat in the brewmaster fashion.

    Strengths - Stamina, wit, optimism, confidence

    Weaknesses - Procrastination, passiveness, a bad right leg (while he can overcome this in fights, on his down time he often limps and struggles with kneeling and relaxing)

    Personality - Easy to get along with and easy to befriend. He loves any kind of competition, and takes everything serious, whether a drinking contest at the bad to a mountain climbing contest. He can be overly passive and let insults go and not be roused to action. He is however always confident and optimistic to the outcome. He believes everything happens for a reason even if you never find out what that reason is. He has great wit and is quick with a joke. Adventure is his life's goal, to travel see new things and go on adventures wherever the wind may take him. As for training, he is a bit different from most monks where he doesn't always like to train alone, instead would rather improve his skills through action and adventure.

    History -
    Sinjo had an average Pandaren birth and had a normal Pandaren childhood. From a young age he showed an apt at martial arts and was immediately initiated in monk training. He was very competitive and ate up all the training that was thrown at him. He would go above and beyond what was asked of him, pushing his body to new limits all the while. While slightly smaller for a Pandaren his brute strength stood out. In part to his smaller stature this helped him even more being elusive as well as packing a punch. Over time he would become a favored pupil and it seemed he would be the next pandaren prodigy.

    After several years of training it looked as if nothing could stop him. Until one day in a routine training exercise he suffered an injury to his right leg. A bad kick had caused the bones in his leg to fracture, and he was out of commission for nearly a year before he could begin training again. Initially he was slow and out of shape but slowly began to catch the old spark of ability. His natural athletic talent saw him through this tough time. Though unfortunately for him he would see another injury and would be forced to give up training for yet another year.

    During this time he made the best out of his situation by beginning to teach others what he knew. Though young he had talent and was able to help others get better. In time his injury would finally heal and he would resume his old training, though he would never be the same. Whereas before the constant training had given him delight; he no longer had much of a taste for it. It was then that he decided to leave his village and begin adventuring on his own.

    During these adventures he would achieve little to no renown. While he stopped to help other and defeat villains he never stayed anywhere long enough to gain a reputation, with the exception of the creation of his surname of course. Sinjo had one signature move that never stopped grabbing attention. During fights he was notorious for stealing a swig of his own homemade powerful liquor, and by special flint pieces attached to his gloves he would bring his right hand up and left hand down to create a spark, and seeming would blow fire at his opponents. The other possible creation of his nickname is for the pain that he left in villages he stopped and sold his brew at. Never before had anyone made a brew that was so spicy hot.

    Eventually the Alliance would land and Sinjo would befriend a captain of a vessel and travel with them to the other lands of Azeroth. His adventures really just beginning Sinjo Firestout is now out to make a name for himself. Questing and adventuring at the top of his list, he seeks to challenge himself in new ways, and always ready for the next fight.

    Any comments, critiques, questions, and suggestions are very warmly received
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    Very solid bio, I assume he is a wandering Isle Pandaren? Or was he on the mainland of Pandaria? Also considering the age there is no canon source, but the RPG mentions 80 years as the border to adulthood and 175 as middle aged. Since we have no tried and true source, we usually take the RPG sources then anyways.

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    [/COLOR]Not getting much of a response. There's not panda prejudice is there? Also would it be wise to just make a diffrent charecter, being the only pandaren I've seen I'm wondering if they are not accepted yet
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    I actually like the bio, and how detailed it is. I don't know how to RP a pandaren, nor have I ever seen one. I suspect we'll see many of them here once MoP is released, but as for right now, to be honest with you, I'm not sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Runestriker View Post
    [/COLOR]Not getting much of a response. There's not panda prejudice is there? Also would it be wise to just make a diffrent charecter, being the only pandaren I've seen I'm wondering if they are not accepted yet
    A) Pandaren are awesome.

    B) I'd say keep working on this character, if he's what you want to work on. Pandaren lore's somewhat murkey at the moment, and I have no doubts that we'll get more information as the expansion's lore reveals itself, so there may be some things you'll have to edit in the future, but I wouldn't let that stop me if I were in your shoes.

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    Thanks for the comments. I think I will stick with the pandaren and get into groups when I can. They are by far my favorite race even before mop was announced.

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    Well, to be completely honest, the Bio is very clean and close to the starting experience, in my opinion, so we can't really criticise or comment much. but as has been said you should keep working on the character from there; Maybe get into an RP to develop your char further.
    On topic pandaren prejudice, we have way weirder characters on this forum, so I wouldn't worry about that. Examples would be: Old Gods, Tol'vir, Sayaad, Fire Elementals, and others. So Pandaren are in no way an issue.

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    Added an equipment section to describe what he wears, and the weapons he has. As for the sword I mentioned I am not allowed to post links yet, once i can i will insert a link to it.

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