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    Thumbs down Small Annoyances

    1.) Randomly breaking camo!
    2.) Pet summons occassionally with 10% health and if the bar doesnt have time to auto fill before combat is initiated he can die instantly.
    3.) If u dismount and are forced or rush camo and the pet delays coming out (never lets u call him to speed it up if hes already summoned) when u camo the pet will not be.
    4.) Let's say I'm doing dailies and horde who love to do AoE's hit me so after i kill my mob my pet naturally charges. Not a problem I just recall him but then it's as if he stays on passive from there on out while i attack mobs unless i resend him manually to attack. (doesnt sound like assist works very well to me)
    5.) The pansy and the beast - Pets are either made of wet paper or hardened steel. (i believe the turtle is the only hardened steel one ive seen)

    I know there are plenty more im just drawing a blank atm.

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    1. Sure it just isn't expiring?

    2. I believe that bug was fixed, if not, well, too bad, it's been there for ages.

    3. Okay.. Bad?

    4. /petattack macros for your shots + Pet on passive = Beat the game.

    5. Pets are alright IMO, should have seen them on beta. Could hardly quest as BM.

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    That /petattack macro isn't foolproof, though. There are times where I want to MD something to my pet, but I don't want the pet to charge in and grab extra mobs. I want to grab 1 or 2 enemies and let the rest stay there, either because I don't want to fight a crowd or my pet can't take that much damage. In those cases, I leave my pet on Passive, MD and attack, then have my pet attack when the enemy gets near me and away from the crowd.

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    1. Have yet to experience it. I'm guessing you just had lingering "in combat" status that often happens in PvP (aka combat doesn't drop for quite a while even if you've been idle for ~5 seconds) and if you camo while in combat, the duration is reduced to 6 sec.

    2. Pets no longer spawn with 10% health like they used to because of delayed health scaling. Nowadays, they retain the health they had when you dismissed them. If you dismiss it with 1000 health, it will have 1000 when you recall it. It no longer "autofills" upon calling like it used to, which was to prevent them spawning at low health due to the delay in health scaling. Now if they spawn at low health, it's your fault. Heal them before you dismiss them if you expect to need them at high health on summon.

    3. Sounds like a legitimate bug.

    4. I'll never understand why people don't use passive and bind petattack separately. I can't count the number of times people with defensive/assist pets have zoned out and had their pet attacking something it shouldn't be, OR switching to an add and having their macro'd in /petattack force the pet to have huge downtime due to running all over the place when it should never have switched target at all. Bind it separately, get used to using it, and your pet will always be exactly where you want it to be (aside from pathing bugs which almost nothing can fix).

    5. Just have to know what your pet can take... the turtle is "hardened steel" because it's special ability reduces all damage by 50% on a relatively short CD. If your pet is dying, pull less, mend pet more, get the mend pet glyph, etc. etc.

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    The change I hate but has been in for a while now...

    Say my pet is on passive. The pet is just standing there.
    I shoot an enemy and as it comes to us it picks up 3 adds that patrolled into his path.
    I feign death.
    They all attack the pet who is on passive.

    It's a change that was made at some point as the pet wasn't on the aggro list until it actually attacked an enemy before. If the pet was in combat with mob A and mob B attacked me, I could feign and mob B would go back to their patrol or standing spot. Now they bee line for the pet. Feign death gets you out of combat, but your pet is screwed which sometimes screws you.

    I've adapted to it, but it still annoys me.

    HUGE Annoyance
    I want Eyes of the Beast back just to have for fun.

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    If you intend to feign off mobs, just make it a habit of dismissing pet beforehand. Sometimes you can feign and even if they are still beating on your pet, you can mount up and fly away without being put back in combat. But it doesn't always work, especially (and obviously) if the mob has an AoE/cleave that hits you before you manage to mount.

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    You can also dismiss your in-combat pet and then immediately feign death when the cast completes. It's clunky, but if your pet can survive for 2 seconds, and a raid-boss-grade AoE effect isn't going to be dropped on your head during that time, you can get up and walk away (or fly) a few seconds later.

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