My question to the other holy pally pvp'ers out there is what talents are you taking and why? Plus I have some questions for beta/ptr people about them. All my info is based off of the talent trees they just posted on the front page.
I was planning on taking these:

1) Speed of Light: 70% speed for 8 seconds is ALOT and on a fairly short cd that doesnt require judgeing or holy power for the speed. Pursuit of justice is at most 30% which is nice but situationally I feel like speed of light dominates. Only question I have: is it on the gcd? Really hope not.

2) Repentance: This is pretty much required for pvp in my opinion as it gives us an incredibly strong cc on a short cd. My question: what cc effect is it considered? The new talent tree's based on the front page show that it is a stun effect but I doubt it.

3) Sacred Shield: Oh how I loved this talent in WOTLK. Seriously a self-proccing shield is freaking awesome. I am wondering how the numbers stack up against Eternal Flame however, which is nice sitting at a 30 second hot but will probably never run 30 seconds without being overridden (to my understanding it has the same instant heal as WoG?)

4) Clemency: This is a difficult tier for me to choose from mostly because I dont know how strong dots will be in MOP (I have heard they are pretty dominant). My question about clemency, though, does it function like warrior's double time in that the cooldown is refreshing for the first usage if you are sitting on the second? Either way, 2 freedoms or bops or sac's is too strong to pass up for arenas for me.

5) Holy Avenger: HA is a phenominal burst healing cd that allows us ALOT more, stronger instant casts which is crucial in a pvp situation. DA is a close second with potential for alot of free WoG's but the healing potential of HA wins out for me. Sanctified wrath is pretty nice in that it makes wings last 30 seconds and be a stronger cd altogether, but wings is already a good cd and HA gives a whole new cd so it wins for me.

6) Holy Prism: Dont have beta so really cant comment too much on what these do, but this seems to be the only one that doesnt have a positional (aka standing still) requirement. Would love to hear the healing amount of holy prism compared to others, seeing as how it is only a 20 sec cd, could be another good instant heal spell.