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    Help with new computer

    My computer is about 3 years old and its time for an upgrade. My current computer was built from scratch, with some help from a friend. I'd prefer not to have to build one but just buy a pre-built one. Walmart has a section where you can pick each part of your computer out and I think they build it and ship it (could be wrong). I'm looking to spend $700 ($800 is the highest I can go). I have a monitor so I don't need that (keyboard/mouse same thing). I'd want at least 8 gigs of RAM, a good processor and a very good graphics card, and a TB of HD space. I don't know alot about computers, just a basic knowledge, so I don't know which processor, for example, is better than any other, or certain companies are better than others. If someone wants to be awesome and go fiddle around on Walmart (or somewhere else) and get me a kick-ass build that will run at least WoW on Ultra and have no FPS issues for the price range I'm looking at, I'd be your best friend!! Lol. Begging for help here. Thanks

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    lol didn't realize IBP teamed up with wallmart for boutique systems. The memory options are horrible though 8(.

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