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    End season rewards

    I have always believed that, in order to receive end-season rewards, you had to keep your team active by playing at least once in the last 3 weeks of the season. However, I just read somewhere that you get end season rewards regardless of how long you didn't play with the team.

    Could someone clarify on this question? The people I know are also not unanimous about it.

    Source: http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/83...adiator-title/

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    top 0.5% within 100 personal rating of the team rating. some other rules apply as mentioned in the AJ link.

    As long as you meet the requirements the team can stay inactive as long as it wants to.

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    There is so much wrong with PvP points and ranking that I am not sure where to begin.

    Here are a few of the game killing problems WoW competitive PvP has that nearly makes it pointless and titles near meaningless.

    1) Selling Glads for real money. They advertise openly in chat, no repercussions and Blizzard does nothing.
    2) So many 2200 carries for gold or real money. Again, nothing is done and this is also advertised openly with no repercussions.
    3) R1 Wintraders that are well documented. Again, nothing is done, no resets, no repercussions.
    4) No rating decay = dead ladders mid to late season. No rating decay = Fotm comps that gain rating prenerfs and sit on rating for 6 months.

    TLDR: WoW is too corrupt and there is absolutely zero policing done by Blizzard. You cannot have an E-sport or even take WoW competitive PvP seriously when Blizzard doesnt lift a finger to keep it fair and legit. I have never seen such blatant cheating as you find in WoW.

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