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    Forgot to buy my elite gear -.-.

    So servers went down and i just realised i forgot to buy my T2 armor set . We pushed rating until pretty much the very end so i didn't bother with it until now cause regemming/chanting costs a lot :/.

    I never paid attention earlier seasons, will it still be at the vendor until they are done calculating rewards (aka next week)? Will i still have my rating to buy it (i was way over 2200)?

    Doesn't matter that much but i just like collecting that stuff ;(.

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    I'm 99% sure, that you wont be able to.

    As with the patch tomorrow conquest gear will be available for purchase from honor, and this means the removal of t2.

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    my hunter got to 2189 before our holy paladin lost power in the tropical storm and couldn't log back on.. i feel ya

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