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    Computer helt plz.

    Hi guys i know notning about computers. But i found one it cost 700$ is this god for gaming. And how is tre Price? Core i5 750 2,67 GHz
    ASUS P7P55D-E Pro
    Sapphire HD 5870 Vapor-X
    4 GB G.Skill 1600 MHz, CL7
    320 GB Seagate HDD
    Samsung DVD-drev
    Corsair HX850W Power Supply
    CoolerMaster CM 690 V2 Advanced

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    it's decent, but 700$ is a bit much for that setup.

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    Not worth $700.
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    Quote Originally Posted by b0sanac View Post
    Not worth $700.
    Whatelet about 600$

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    Is it Worth 600$

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    Is 600$ worth it?

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    Why ask the same thing 3 times? Or is it some silly bumping? No, I wouldn't pay $600 for that without additional information. It could be couple years old already with who knows how heavy usage, meaning the parts could start falling apart soon.

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