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    Question Pre MoP-drop to-do list?

    So, I finished up Loremaster last night - which was more of a relief than a feeling of accomplishment - and was pondering what to turn my hand to next.

    i) Collect as many companions as possible,
    ii) Focus on cooking/fishing,
    iii) Rake in some preparation moolah,
    iv) Mount drop hunting!

    So my question is: What are you focussing on for the next 3 or 4 weeks before being back on the MoP treadmill?
    Here's hoping that you guys have some ideas for your own lists that I can steal!

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    1) Cracking 9k achieve points by start of MoP on my Shaman. (I could have had 10K+ now but my guild fell apart at release of ToC so I quit for rest of Wrath and quit for most of Cata to).
    2) Farming Heroic SethHalls for my Raven-Lord + Ashes of A'lar + Midnight
    3) Cap fishing + Try my luck at some Arch achievements.
    4) Farm some mats to make preparation gold. (Already farmed about 95% of what I want to)
    5) Grind a few more exalted reputations
    6) Go back and get two pieces I need for my XMog set.
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    Nothing ground breaking, really. I'd like to get some more gold, seeing as I've never had a lot of it, so I can get that ridiculously overpriced expedition yak.

    My current main is my Paladin, so naturally I LOVE the Challenge mode Xmog gear. So I'm reading up on challenge modes and viewing item models to see what will match in certain roles

    Since we won't be able to get JP while we are over the 4k cap until mists, I doubt I'll be raiding until the patch comes out, so that frees up my weekends.

    I think this is as good a time as any to take a week or two break from the game, imo
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    I am farming mounts and companions. Doing the daily for the polar bear mount and afking in Storm Peaks. If healer/tank satchel is up i do hc's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdozia View Post
    Doing the daily for the polar bear mount
    Hehe this is all my main has done for the past two weeks. Also leveling my first ever horde toon at the moment after playing alliance for about 5 years.

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    - leveling a hunter to 85, capping bs+eng on it to move the char to horde side for the double agent achievement
    - farming mounts
    - farming glaives
    - farming cash
    - ye, funny stuff :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennycommenter View Post
    Since we won't be able to get JP while we are over the 4k cap until mists, I doubt I'll be raiding until the patch comes out, so that frees up my weekends.
    Convert JP to Honor Points, them max out JP again.

    Gold farm, finsh leveling arch on my pally (2nd toon to level on, and its painful), and get use to all the changes on all my toons to make sure i dont scrub out tanking on the 1st boss in MoP dungeons. (i got pewpewd on some elemental/sha boss in the first instance i did on beta)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swolltitan View Post
    Convert JP to Honor Points, them max out JP again.
    couple of guildies and I realized you can do this this weekend.

    its basically 2500 free HP aftre you spend your initial JP and then convert HP to JP.

    Also works the other way for those looking at getting a jump on the pvp gear.

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    I'm heading back to college next week, so I'll probably be taking it easy for a few weeks while I get my schedule settled.

    So, for me, I'm going to be wrapping up any meta-achieves that the cross-account achievement feature has gotten me closer to (like the mount achievements), and continuing to increase my gold by playing the AH and stocking up on items that should increase in price in Mists. Might work on getting a bit of PvP gear.
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    Finishing up my Tol Barad dailies to get 250 marks for the fox kit.
    Rogue might get the epic daggers that lead to the legendaries if I decide to put down the gold to start down the path.
    I have 83k gold. Debated doing dailies and AH to try and hit 100K before MoP, but might not.
    Try to get my druid to 60, maybe 70.
    Play Guild Wars 2 some until MoP.

    That's what I'm planning to do. Can't wait for Sept 25!

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    1. Figure out new rotation, CDs, etc for all toons
    2. Get some of the things being removed from the game such as scarlet tabard.
    3. Convert to being a minimalist Ui-wise
    4. Get a lot of gold legitly.

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    Try to get organised and sort out all the crap on my 3 bank chars into one coherent base that i can then sell from/add too. Prob 100k gold worth of stuff just sat there that i will not ever use. Time to sell some!!

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    Well, I just got back into play my rogue from BC since playing my priest basically this whole patch, so I have some work to do.

    1. Cap her professions (hopefully including fishing and cooking)
    2. Get her the closest thing to a full set of PvE and PvP gear
    3. Finish her transmog look (Blue Bloodfang lyke a baws)
    4. Then the achievement farming starts. With account wide I might be up to almost 6k. Hopefully getting 9k+.

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    Getting back to grinding marks with my 85 Worgen druid at the Argent Tournament Grounds. I managed to, between two Horde toons, get all the mini-pets and mounts on that side of the fence already, so it's just a matter of cleaning up the other side as much as I can.

    The remainder? Not totally settled, so cannot say, given I'm still settling into a new-ish job (3rd week in) and the schedule tends to bob around from week to week.

    Quote Originally Posted by Faroth View Post
    Finishing up my Tol Barad dailies to get 250 marks for the fox kit.
    I thought it was only 200? =\ If it's 250.. I have a few more days of grinding left to do. BLARGH.


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    1. Cook tons of food to keep in bags, for said leveling.
    2. Know the ups and downs of my dps spec for also said leveling.
    3. Free up bag space on my farming characters for professions.
    4. Farm tol barad dailies for that fox kit!

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    Congrats on your Loremaster. I've been slacking with mine. I can probably still finish it before MoP, but I doubt I actually will. My other goal is to break 9k. I'm at 8295 right now. With OpenRaid and Loremaster, 9k shouldn't be hard at all, but I still have a feeling I won't get that before MoP either.
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    Clean out my banks. I too have a ridiculous amount in random items from over the years, still have a few dozen items from vanilla worth a fair bit. Hopefully with this patch there will be an influx of old players to make the AH on my dying server a bit more active.

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