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    What race to pick?

    Ok so I haven't seen one of these in a while, can anyone tell me the race breakdown of top dps races for rogues? Been playing a troll for 7 years, but was thinking of changing it around

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    Scroll down and find the Race section, and check out the EP values. Not sure if it is up to date for this tier though. Troll seems nice for 5 bosses this Tier, but thats about it.

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    I can't find an up-to-date ranking, but based on previous data I'd assume it goes something like this:

    1. Troll (vs Beast)
    2. Panda (300 agi)
    3. Troll
    4. Orc
    5. Undead
    6. Goblin
    7. Blood Elf

    1. Panda (300 agi)
    2. Gnome (Dagger/Sword)
    3. Human (Mace/Sword)
    4. Dwarf (Mace)
    5. Worgen
    6. Night Elf

    Also note that racial bonuses make up a very, very small DPS boost. With the exception of Troll Beast Slaying, expect to see 1-2k from your racial. There are a few encounters with short CC that can be human racial'd too, allowing several extra seconds of uptime over the encounter which results in a larger DPS boost than most racials.

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    Before you get into race changing you should always take one major thing into effect. Character aesthetics, if you don't like how your character moves, looks, or fights, you probably shouldn't make the change, racial abilities in pve at the end of the day are very minor, they might alter your overall dps by a few 1-2% if that.
    As for pvp they are a bit more vital but I would still rather play something I like than play something I don't.

    For pve the 1% increase on attack and casting speed for goblins at one point used to be a pretty big deal I had thought, so much that for most classes it was one of the best overall races regardless of spec and target your are attacking(beast, humaniod, dragonkin, ect). The rocket barrage is pretty negligible in both pvp and pve but the Rocket jump could be a relatively decent thing to have in either environments.

    The real negative about goblin rogues for me tho has always been their stealth animations and melee attack animations. They just feel weird, and some of them remind me of dwarf animations, which for the most part I despise. Personally I can't see myself running goblin anything but mage mage (I liked gnome mages, Liked goblin mages a lot more), however I guess the combination of the undead racials is apparently superior than almost anything on the horde for pvp.

    As far as alliance, human kind still reignes supreme, the free trinket is just to good in any situation and the mace and sword spec are a big deal if you running combat.

    If I wasn't going to roll human and I was going to pve I would go gnome or panderan currently. The gnome racial for daggers and swords allows you to be a bit more flexible when it comes to what specialization you want to be and still receive benefits from your race, escape artist also has come minor pve uses that could save you from annoying root effects.
    The free stats from panderans is pretty easy to pick out but other than that they are kind of just there for pve, no well fed in rbgs or arenas. The stun is defiantly there for pvp, however I have to wonder, does it dr with CS an KS and other than that, its CD is long and really, do you need more stuns on your rogue?
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    Blood elves are fabulous
    No major pve gain, but I find the silence nice for casual pvp. I'm not a high rated pvper but it's certainly helped me now and again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carni View Post
    The stun is defiantly there for pvp, however I have to wonder, does it dr with CS an KS and other than that, its CD is long and really, do you need more stuns on your rogue?
    The Panda CC racial is just an incapacitate (breaks on damage), not a stun. I'm pretty sure it shares DR with Sap and Gouge, but I can't confirm.

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    Troll (this tier), Undead or Pandaren are pretty much the way to go - Orc is beast if you can make use of the expertise racial (good luck this tier).
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