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    Rogue addons

    Hey all, I played rogue pretty hardcore in the raiding scene up until about the middle of dragon soul. I had to quit due to rl constraints, but I'm looking to get back into the game when I can. I'm kind of curious what addons most people use these days to track things like poisons, and bandit's guile. I was always a fan of power auras and need to know in the past, but i haven't really updated anything lately. If anyone has a link to some new addons or power aura strings, I'd be grateful!!

    edit: because I'm bad at spelling.

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    WeakAuras is fantastic. I don't have any strings to give you because I'm currently using IceHUD for all my tracking, but I've seen some very, very nice WA UIs. I'll probably convert to it one of these weekends when I have a few free hours.

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    Is there a benefit to switching to weak auras from power auras??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reptar View Post
    Is there a benefit to switching to weak auras from power auras??
    PowerAuras is no longer supported by the author and out of date with the exception of very sparse fan updates. One of our healers is still running PowerAuras and if he logs out (or DCs) in an instance, PA does not load. He has to get out of the instance, relog, and get back in for it to work again.

    Also, WA is much lighter, regularly updated, and far more people seem to be using it, meaning more imports are available. If you're starting fresh, use WA.

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    Rogue Power Bars still works, and you can customize the buffs and debuff bars to show most anything, including Bandit's Guile level as a buff.. as a matter of fact, I think it's set up out of the box to show all 3 levels.

    ComboPointsRedux also helps with tracking CPs, APs, and levels of Bandits Guile and can be customized to show text or just graphics.

    I hear great things about PowerAurs and WeakAuras, but I have never felt I needed anything beyond RPB and CPR.

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