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    So, who is EXCITED about the randomness of MoP pvp?

    so, as stated by a blue here -

    The thing I am most worried about are the huge number of variables now in terms of who has what ability. It used to be that you knew what cooldowns and escape tools and CC a Frost mage had and you knew what an Arms warrior had to counter them. With the new talent system, you have to be prepared for almost anything. When there are too many variables, you risk losing some of the predictive and reactive tactics that many players (including me) enjoy. If I have no idea what tools you have, I am more likely to just to tunnel on you, blow all my cooldowns, and hope for the best. Not a ton of depth there.


    Now, I have to say I dont understand that viewpoint, as an avid pvper (bgs/rbgs/world.) I am looking forward to that very thing. the randomness. If i get charged by an arms warrior.. I have no idea.. can he charge again. will it stun/knock me down? etc etc.. you get the idea. you will not know if that hunter is going to web you when he disengages. or if he can do it more often...until he does it.

    I personally, after 7 odd years of playing, am absolutely looking forward to that, to stop thinking along that path..

    I garrote him.. when thats done ill kidney, he will iceblock. i get ready to gouge etc.. I like the randomness that goes with it, that you almost have to wait and see what they throw at you before you can react accordingly, I think itll add alot more depth to pvp myself.

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    I'm a bit 50/50 on this. I'm not sure yet.

    I've only started PvP near the end of the expansion, so I'm still learning the ropes.

    What I like about the current system is that you can adapt a certain playstyle, "force" opponents to use certain abilities, and know when a person has used some ability, he will act in a certain way. This means you need experience and class knowledge.

    The new thing allows for more improvisation, which will probably mean more creative gameplay. It's probably going to be good, but will take a switch in mindset to get used to.
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    Wouldn't call this random tbh. It will change a bit how openers plays out but in the end it will be quickly obvious who has specced into wich abilities in arena. It will definitively make "chain queuing" into the same team a bit more interesting tough, wich tends to happen a lot at higher ratings, as people will be able to swap builds between matches to try to "counter" the other team.

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    I love the aspect of not knowing wich talents each player will have/use.
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    Should be epic funsies!

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    Well, atleast it wont be boring anymore? Right? Everyone that pvp's will say how pve is boring, its the same thing blah blah blah. Well now its exciting and you just don't know whats going to happen next. What did you want? PvP to stay the same so people can complain about that too? I think making things unpredictable is great and you'll be able to see if you are really that good or were you spec/comp dependent. Have fun!

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    Knowing the mechanics of every class will be more important than ever.

    I can't wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadvolcanoes View Post
    Knowing the mechanics of every class will be more important than ever.

    I can't wait.
    I agree. PvP won't be random; it'll be more dynamic. Sure, for the first while we'll all feel like clueless noobs again, but once you start to learn all the new abilities it'll just mean you have to adapt. Instead of simply knowing that a warrior has a charge, leap, and bladestorm for mobility before you engage him, you know have to be prepared for any number of things. If you blink his charge and he immediately charges you again, you've figured out one talent he has and two that he doesn't. If he then shockwaves you, you know he can't bladestorm out of a snare but he still has leap and probably avatar. It seems like the game will require a little more quick thinking rather than just plain knowledge, and that's always good.

    The caveat is that PvP is slow enough that you actually have time to apply what you learn during the fight. If that warrior charges in with avatar and oneshots you with dragon roar, it doesn't really matter.

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    Look forward to running into people out in the world that are specced full pve, killing them, then having them able to instantly respec on the fly and be pvp viable, without going back to a major city. Will make ganking more fun and interesting. This is on top of all the other arena and RBG benefits already listed above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babaganouch View Post
    I love the aspect of not knowing wich talents each player will have/use.
    I think it's a really nice by product of the new talent system, and a much needed infusion of randomness and unpredictability in the PvP scene.

    Can't wait to log in and try it out today
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    Okay serious post now. Going on the same lines as asb - The randomness won't survive a week. Eventually people will know the different talents and how they work. Mastering what these talents mean, in terms of what your opponent is or isn't capable of. What they still have, what they may have and what you have to react, will take some time. 3s will be overly fun once s13 kicks in. Random BGs are going to somewhat more interesting and of course the tactical advantages/changes to rated bgs will be on an unprecedented scale.
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