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    you kind of answered yourself with the whole "why should hunters be exempt from expertise" warriors can charge every 12 seconds to guarantee a mortal strike, they have hamstring to slow people down so it's easier to get behind them. Hunters have NONE of this and naturally being ranged means it's incredibly hard to get behind someone if they're paying attention

    I'm not asking for LESS stats, i wouldnt care if we needed double the amount of hit like casters do it's just the prospect of having my high damage, long cooldown shots miss due to RNG that I can do nothing about.

    I could line up all my burst every 45 seconds with intimidate but that's just the thing: my sustained pressure is almost non-existent. Sustained pressure is what wins games because eventually when you do make the switch and burst the enemy team is already under pressure.

    I wish dodge and parry would be removed in pvp (some skills may need to be adjusted to go with it) since im a firm believer in the fact RNG does not make for interesting or innovative play.
    Mind you rogue Gouge has to be from front, and paladins used to not being able to have a slow but still have to spec to it now, and their stun is 1 min cooldown. I would hardly call "running from behind" like melee does a reliable way of securing hits, despite it being possibly better than nothing. That would be a matter of MS. I'd say if those were the choices, id rather hunters misses shots and melee half of em due to running behind, than hunters not missing anything. Obviously if all rng was gone, including for melee then i'd be most fair scenario. Thing is i don't think your highdamage cooldowns wasted into RNG is as vital as core-abilitys missing for melees, in addition to losing highdamagecool's into rng. A warrior with lag and missing throwdown is as fucked as you are when he pops reck. And i believe that alot of other classes have problems with sustained damage too.

    There is a point you got though, and for example Evasion only gave 25% dodge to ranged if im remembering correct, while 50% for melee. That is to compensate for the possibility of getting behind as a melee i supose. Problem is that as somebody mentioned, the game is "balanced" around it for the agi-melees, rogues would indeed get smacked by a melee without it in seconds if they were to stand toe to toe just for a few sec.

    Perhaps if specials was undodge:able, or ccs only or something alike, or straight up lower chance to dodge arrows, but still a possibility...Or casted arrows are to act as well aimed ones that dont miss. It should be more rewarding to stand still and do a spell/ability than running around kiting imo.

    The act of running around would result in like 33% from behind 33% from front and 33% wouldnt go off because he is running behind you!
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