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    [Windwalker] Chi till next brew WeakAura

    Hey guys,
    I once made a friend (Vorbastian) on the monk IRC's because he asked me to help him test some weird tiger eye brew weak-aura. After months of perfecting it, he decided to make it public.
    This content will unfortunately be wasted when legion comes around but is a great asset I've been using to perfect my dps, in particular my opener.
    I've allready said it, but I believe the best serenity opener as a bloodelf requires you to start one chi away from next tiger eye brew gain.

    Here's what Vorbastian has to say on this weakaura:

    Nextbrew is a weak aura made by Azrial on Ragnaros (EU) at my (Bastian's) request. There is no in-game obvious way to track the amount of Chi you need to spend until you are awarded your next Tiger-Eye Brew stack, so this is the devised solution. Alot of high end windwalkers usually keep a mental note of this number, at least on the opener since it can affect your decisions of when to consume your stacks of Tiger-Eye Brew.
    Unfortunately there is a bug in game where you are simply not awarded Tiger-Eye Brew and as a result this aura will lose track of the correct number due to the games fault. Casting Tiger Palm x 4 will re-sync the number, or alternatively relogging will too.
    Don't rename the aura as the Saved Variable function it uses will stop the aura from working, and do not have two of the aura loaded simultaneously. This is intended for PvE use and as a result will likely not function well in PvP, if at all, reliably.
    I have asked Pandanaconda to post this because my own account doesn't have enough posts to post links, and since he is an active member of the community here you are more likely to believe it is an asset to your DPS.

    I hope some of you guys who didn't have this yet will benefit from it, thanks again to Bastian for this pearl.

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    Wow that's actually really going to help me, thanks for this!

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    been trying to make this for a while now, thanks

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    Where has this been when I was in BRF! I was dreaming about something like this for literally months!
    This is great, big shame it will be wasted when Legion hits soon.

    This would have helped me a great lot during BRF progression or early HFC Mythic! Too bad I don't play anymore so I won't be able to make any use of it.
    Works really great too.

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    Bumping this for glory. Soon enough it'll be pointless, might as well ensure some people get to see it.

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    This aura was actually the greatest when I did proving grounds and Mythic Mannoroth. It was so much easier to think ahead and preplan the teb geneartion.
    I'm very thankful for this and will enjoy my time with it as long as it lasts.

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