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    The only time people remembered Auras was when one Pally forgot to take Crusader off. No one noticed if one was missing, and they sure as hell didn't notice that Elemental Resist or Stoneskin totems were up. LOL!

    Good-bye Crusader Aura trolling in LFR/ will be missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malthanis View Post
    Blessings can be dispelled, auras can't. If we were to be given auras in place of our blessings, we'd have powerful raid buffs that can't be removed
    A situation which isn't unique in the game. And even were it desireable, there are mechanics which can remedy this should Blizzard have wanted to.

    Even if you were to design completely different aura effects, they would be difficult to balance because of the first issue I stated: they are raid-wide and persist through death. If they were powerful enough to be an impact on raid performance, it would make paladins a 'required' class. If not, then we'd be in the same situation: the aura effects would be trivial, and you wouldn't particularly care one way or another which was up.
    And yet, as I said, powerful, undispellable, raid-wide, persistent buffs aren't unknown in this game, at this level, in this Xpac. Some class buffs are dispellable, others are not.

    Blizzard COULD have kept an iconic mechanic many associate with the class. They chose not to. Blessings - a button thats pressed once an hour - are hardly more interesting or dynamic and the flaws you point out already exist in buffs provided by other classes.

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