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    Servers are up let's see what they brought.

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    To those who moan that this way is better (an instance that lasts forever, instead of a world event) because more people get to see the content are just missing the point.

    Imagine they had the Glastonbury musical event as a pre-recorded show that you turn up and watch anytime you wanted, so that more people could see it, instead of making it an absolutely massive historic live event that people might still be talking about for years to come. The reason world events were amazing were because they changed the actual world in real time, and players could take part and interact in the storyline that lead up to the expansion. You become part of it as it happens, a dynamic world event that evolves and only happens over a short period of time (a few weeks).

    The whole point that makes it great is that it is a large scale "world" event that people can say "i was part of" and remember fondly when talking about the game, things like the zombie invasion that could never work on a longterm scale but worked amazingly well in the short term of the event, to really bring forward the reality of the expansion pack.

    Blizzard are just taking one more step into allowing themselves to halfass everything. Make it fast, cheap and maximise profits.
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    Wow. My sub ran out the 24th and this in no way makes me want to come back.

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    Stop calling it event or world event. its a 20 min lameass screnario from MoP.if you played MoP beta you know how dull it is. its a fucking retarded idea to put in a scenario instead of world event, it just killed my hype for MoP.

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    they are really killing the game ,,,,,, thanks blizz

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    Sounds lame...

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    People pissed and moaned about the previous two events, why is anyone surprised they're not doing much for this one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flutterguy View Post
    People pissed and moaned about the previous two events, why is anyone surprised they're not doing much for this one?
    I loved the previous 2 events, this isnt an event though, instead you get to do an instance a week early, think that is the point. A lot of people loved the last 2 events too, there isn't an event for people to hate/love for MOP.
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    So "world event" which is not quite an event that is gonna be available anyways after launch.... Its more like a 'preview'.
    Kinda lame that something that is supposed to be exclusive to players who play the game at that time becomes just available to everyone.

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    This seems really lame.

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    Disappointed with only getting one week. I hope it's enough time for my eight 85s. :/

    Also, I would really prefer the Theramore tabard to the mini-manabomb... thingie... but my toons are Horde. :'(
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