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    Looking for PvP guilds EU

    Hello all MMO:ers!

    Been searching a while for PvP guilds on the EU servers, but I havnt manage to find anyone thats "advertising" about it.
    Mainly im looking for a active PvP guild thats focusing on RBG and Arena but also random battlegrounds.
    Im currently playing on Blade Edge's server with only battlegrounds to focus on.
    Any tip here is welcome!
    For the record, im from sweden so Swedish guilds works well

    Thank you in advance!


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    Hm, yo ucan always look at , Outland(rather full tho ) Ravencrest, Frostmane and Sylvanas.. might be more good pvp realms, but these are the ones I know of atleast :P
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    You can check out my sig. If you already have some pvp experiance that is.

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    Thanks for your replys guys!

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