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    Help our warrior! (arms)

    Here is his amory (Warken EU Alonsus):

    - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...arken/advanced

    Here are some world of logs:


    I really don't know much about warriors to understand and its got to the point that he wants to quit the game since he can't seem to find ways to improve his dps! We are a 10m raiding guild currently 5/13 and getting ahead of his current capability.

    Any information regarding mistakes/ways to improve is MUCH APPRECIATED!

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    Sorry but arms isn't viable at the moment and given his decent fury weapons he should stay with that. Things will brighten up with 5.4 and if necessary he should take a break until then.

    edit: wait you linked an dual wield DK instead Give Warken ( http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...arken/advanced ) a second twohander and he should be fine, there's not much he can do as fury doesn't matter if he'd wield a hc-tf weapon or not.

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    damnit! I did see that I am lame with the copy and the paste TYVM

    - - - Updated - - -

    He has two one handed axes - is tht OK for fury?

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    Two onehanders (called single minded fury or SMF) are actually slightly stronger for single target than two twohanders (called titans grip or TG). Hopefully his other weapons aren't a full tier behind -> 502 lfr versions or even lower?

    edit: just simmed him, in his current setup with dragon roar his potential dps is 162.4k as arms and if he'd use two onehanders like http://www.wowhead.com/item=94768 both upgraded twice (and gear reforged so he'd meet the relevant caps) he would be sitting at 165.2k already. And as he acquires more gear (more crit, feather from Ji-Kun) and better weapons fury will pull ahead further and further. Sadly warrior are really dependant after all and he being so much behind on the legendary questline doesn't help either.

    Ps: recklessness glyph is regulary a dps loss for both speccs
    PPS: he should really change herbalism for a more useful profession like engineering (best) or blacksmithing.
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    Interesting tyvm!

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    i see he's already switched to fury, but his arms dps was not so bad for his ilevel. just taking a quick look at the durumu kill, in 4m an ideal rotation would be 48 MS and he had 38. considering target switching, movement, etc - that's not so bad.

    warriors are heavily dependent on weapon damage, and he's using a 502 (non-upgraded) weapon, so expect him to take a big jump when he gets a real MH weapon. btw, it's only 500VP, he should have his MH upgraded before anything, LFR or no. he's also got windsong instead of dancing steel, and i assume he'll change that when he gets a weapon, so there's another boost coming soon.

    there's a few gems he got wrong that would apply to fury or arms.
    -gloves s/b 320 crit (mastery bonus, bleh)
    -helm s/b 320 crit (yellow socket!)
    -pants i believe would be better with crit/hit in the blue socket for +120 strength. the trade is -160 crit for +120 str AND +160 hit (over soft cap).

    also, no unending rage glyph? since rage pooling is a big part of fury dps, that's all but mandatory. glyph of Hold the Line is not so useful...

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    He shouldn't play fury with 502 weapons when he has a 536 twohander.

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    A few things I noticed:
    - Not 1 potion used in the whole raid
    - Not enough MS should be able to maintain 10 a minute with some movement going on (12 max) Jinrokh 27 in a 4 min fight Megaera 41 in a 5 min fight Durumu 38 4min fight just isn't enough, even tortos which is pretty much no movement 22 MS in 2:41 instead of 27.
    - No thunderclap or whirlwind on tortos? There was 1 bladestorm so I assume adds were getting killed.
    - Forgot skull banner on the pull on Megaera on cd maybe??
    - Didn't use bloodbath on cd and the last reck on durumu didn't have a bloodbath

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    1 for tortos don't use blades storm. Use bb and dr have it macroed he can dr when bats are kited beside him. reck and banner should be macroed also. As for meg he should use his reck banner on the 2nd head and ore pot for the first. If he wants to cheese meg make sure he glyphs sweeping lol

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    Guys, there is a Fix-My-DPS thread right here:


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