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    Coolest Dyamic Event

    I don't have a good enough rig to play GW 2 or the money to get one right now, and I haven't seen much on what people think of some of the more extravagant dynamic events, so please share your favorite DE moment so far!

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    Killing the Shatterer for the first time was pretty cool. Lots of minions to kill, and a huge dragon barreling down on a dead landscape. Then you blow him up with mortars . Hopefully Orr events stay up to this standard.

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    Not my favorite, but still fun and makes me wonder...
    (Reactor chain)

    -For anyone who doesn't know the reactor/fire elemental chain event, it goes like this:
    (1) Golem goes into the reactor and goes around cleaning, (2) You protect it until it gets to the top, (3) you continue to protect it until it cleans more, (4) it explodes and turns into giant fire elemental. (I think I messed something up)

    The part I like, which I'm wondering if someone can let me know, is the (either DE or renowned) DE outside regarding collecting Golem parts. You collect them and give then to an NPC who then, when finished, creates H.A.Z.M.A.T. golems. The event ends. However, the golems actually run to the reactor and start killing/helping fight the mobs in there.

    Is the H.A.Z.M.A.T. one related, or do those golems just run there as optional help if those events coincide?

    Damn fire elemental, so strong.

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