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I'm not really what you would call the crafting type. In wow I rarly if ever touch my professions. I always felt crafting items to be boring. In the case of Guild Wars 2 however the 1st level 80 got there due to crafting skills. It also seems that more hardcore players like to emphasis on crafting.

The question is can I make due without it until I hit level cap? Does the crafting gear benefit you far more in this game than it does in World of Warcraft?
Will I be able to find decent gear on my 1-80 journey without bothering to craft or is crafting important to gear acquisition?

I am not a fan of farming mats going to some guy and building things. I am more into exploring and completing objectives. So will ignoring crafting until max level effect me in any way or is crafting just an alternative?
The problem with gear in wow is the xp has been neared in a way that there is no way you can craft enough to keep up gear at your current level and boa is so OP why would you bother..

In this game the crafting can outpace your level easy and get you better gear than karma vendors can provide (granted once you can get racial gear it will be way better until you level out of it.

Also the xp from crafting is really nice every couple of levels I'll stop and craft and normally get an extra level from the discovery stuff.