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    Rating decay

    I'm unfamiliar with the changes in PVP in MoP, but will there be a rating decay to rated bgs/arenas in order to deal with the team sitting bullcrap?

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    I don't think so, though it would be nice. Blizzard doesn't really care about arena anymore beside the tournaments they host (or at least that's what it looks like). There would be a lot of potential in WoW's arena "mini-game" as a competitive game, but the community is still too small compared to the millions who prefer PvE and other forms of PvP (BGs/duels), so they don't do much about it anymore.

    Just look at what others have done with WoW's arena system, it's been modified and expanded upon pretty successfully imo. Blizzard just have different priorities and they probably don't want to spread too thinly in order to cover arena more.
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    Would solve the issue of people sitting on rating for a season.

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    I guess what they would rather do is make a system like in SC2, where you have a bonus pool that continually builds up but you only get the bonus points transferred to your real rating for winning games. That way campers will get overtaken after a while because the average rating will constantly rise until the end of the season. If you decide to play again you will start to use up your bonus pool (which accumulated points while waiting) and catch up again if you deserve it.

    It's basically the same thing of course, but that's what I think is the way Blizzard would implement it if they did something to address the problem.

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