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    All female guild recruiting members for MoP!

    Let me start off by introducing myself! My name is Ingrid, but online they call me Morb, 26 and from the Netherlands. I've played WoW since the start of TBC. During the years i went from the worst warlock ever, to an alright all round player, doing HC raids, mediocore RBG/arena reaching around 2.2k and being a mad alt-a-holic (14 lvl 85, sad). Hell, i even tried to RP, but i wasn't that good at it (Maybe not enough lore knowledge) I had good and bad times on WoW, and lately i'm bored and i feel it's time for something new. Now what is more fun then working on a guild project! I've met a lot of woman inside the game, and some of my IRL friends also play WoW, we want to start this together, and have fun!

    Some people might wonder,why?
    We do not dislike men, but in our little safe green chat and skype, we just like to talk girl stuff now and then.
    I can only talk for myself, i have played with men and woman, and I think it is different. Nothing is better or worse, just different, and since you can X-realm RBG and raids, you can play with any girl or guy you like, but our gchat is sacred!

    What is our goal?
    We want to create a fun, laid back gaming environment in wich a player can enjoy herself doing what she likes most. Pretty obvious.
    Now, depending on how successful recruitment will be, we want to have a team of raiders, an RBG group, and socials.

    Who are we looking for?
    Basically we welcome any girl/woman that wants to join us, we have a small list of rules, but It’s basically common sense. The guild will be devided under several ranks so you know who has the same skill level and interests as you do. We are also looking for girls willing to stream during raids and RBG’s, a raid leader and a PvP officer(/RBGleader).

    Officer: Leaders from RBG groups and Raid groups.
    Pvp: Players who are interested in the pvp aspect of the game. Note will mention personal rating and wether the person favors RBG, arena or both.
    Raider: Quite obvious. Note will mention the level of skill and progress.
    Achievement hunter: Must-have-mooorreeee.
    X-Realm Alt: Girls who don’t want to leave their main guild, but enjoy logging on now and then. Note will mention main character and interest.
    Member: All round (casual) player
    New to wow: Still learns the game, might need some help here and there.
    New to guild: Test period of 3 weeks. Note will mention interest.

    !Faction, realm and guild name are not decided yet! We own a lvl 25 guild atm wich we can move wherever the majority wants it to be. Sadly this is also the reason we do not own a guild website yet.
    Send me a private message if you'd like more info or/and if you want a chat on skype. If you are for some reason unable to send a message on here, you can send an ingame mail to Meadoweiss - Dragonblight EU.
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    inb4 retarded post

    but im just curious

    how do you know if someone who joins your guild is female?
    And while the cobras dance around your feet like you're a god
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    I won't share how i'm going to check that, but i've thought of a method that is unbreakable!!!

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    Update: The guild will start on level 25 with unlocked perks and achievements, thanks to Wiebekelilli who had an inactive guild laying around! <3

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    Still need more girls, also to determine wich faction/realm we go and wich guildname we'll have!
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    Maybe some people who do not want to join the guild, still have advise on wich server to go?
    I'm thinking of Darksorrow or Defias brotherhood, because these realms are pretty even balanced, so perfect for healthy wPvP and leveling.

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    Pokepoke on 15 members atm, can use a looooot more

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    Got a truck of rerollers and alts now, but in desperate need of mains also!

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    Majority decided on rolling Horde, Gname and server will be announced by the end of next wednesday.

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    u made a guild already??
    i am interested!!

    grz patricia

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    If I wasn't trying to work on getting my guild started and running smoothly I'd so want to join this

    Best of luck and congratulations!

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