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    Wrong forum though :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by James Tiberius Kirk View Post
    Wrong forum though :P
    Ah shit, didn't see there was a music forum. -_-

    /request a move to the Cinema/TV Shows/Music/Books forum!

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    I quite like it. Tell your friend to keep up the good work!

    Also: Moved it for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taurenburger View Post
    I quite like it. Tell your friend to keep up the good work!

    Also: Moved it for you.
    Thanks a lot!

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    I really liked the song This ones goes to my fav youtube tab!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerdoz View Post
    I really liked the song This ones goes to my fav youtube tab!
    Awesome and thanks!

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    Friends progressive trance track:

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    Here's some productions I did:

    It includes a wide range of genre's and some mixes.

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    hi guys. gonna post a new link to a set. genre house-tech house.

    on youtube watch?v=QJE_behBYlg
    last one i posted, wasnt that good so i made this one. hope you enjoy it.

    oh and btw for those that like D&B, my brother and his friends got some new tunes out such as /watch?v=OmZ7FhbqmEw
    you can check their Facebook page for upcoming releases.

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    Song I wrote a few years back as music project from school, thought I'd share it. Appreciate any feed back
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    well hello again, am back with a new set!

    you can find it on youtube, just copy the line below


    same genre's again as the last one (with a tribal vibe in it) enjoy.


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    This is a link to my new track "The Great Wide Yonder" which I just finished. It is my first complete track, though I have some other stuff in the works as well.

    The genre is a blend between multiple electronic genres, but I would simply define it as "chill". Give it a listen, it's not long and it's progressive.
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    New song out!

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    This is my newest song. I sing the background vocals and the second verse after the chorus.
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    Post/Depressive Black/Doom Metal

    Still working on more tunes, hopefully I'll have that album out after all these years of procrastination

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    hi everyone. just got 2new mixes out. for those that liked the previous ones. 1st one is tech house-house. on mixcloud /mimsramoon/mims/
    2nd one is progressive house on youtube /watch?v=_ZbSqpPllVU

    hope you enjoy it, share your thoughts. cheers.

    (just copy the parts with / and go the youtube and mixcloud cause i still cant post links apparently)

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    My cousin has just released his first track. He's 18 years old and has been making music for a couple of years, but he's never made anything, that he felt was good enough to release. Until now.

    He goes by the name 'Noice' and his first track is titled "Waves (Original Mix)".

    He has entered Spinnin' Records' Talent Pool too. Basically, people vote for the tracks that they like. The higher a track is ranked, the bigger the chance of the artist getting a record deal. You don't have to be number 1 to get a deal.

    My cousin is currently ranked no. 17, so he's already pretty high ranked, but I know he'll appreciate every single vote. So go vote for him, if you like what you hear.
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    My band, I think we have what it takes to go far.
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    You are a legend thats why.

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    I'm still new so I can't post links, but check Forty Fathoms out from Denver, CO.

    Youtube > search "Forty Fathoms Poor Coward"

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    I just posted my new track "I'll Carry You, You'll Carry Me" on Soundcloud a few hours ago. I'd really appreciate if you'd give it a listen It's electronic music, 80 bpm, focusing on an evolving synth-bassline and a bouncy synth melody.

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