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    [Music] Advertise your Music (et al)

    If you know sharm on Youtube, shes got a collab going for her new song Hunter, so i did mine

    Gotta say, its fun to listen to, and even will cheer u up, so have no fear, no plans to go do anymore, just wanted to do a collab with her on it ^__^

    To see her collab video click here
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    Genre: Dubstep
    Influences: Mount Eden
    Slow, mellow style.

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    genre: math/prog rock
    Influences: Toe, minus the bear, enemies, this town needs guns, etc
    chill, progressive, melodic tunes
    "Angle of incidence equals angle of reflectance. Meaning, if you can see them, they can see you. Use the environment around you. Free yourself from the tyranny of eye-level!"--Roger Dodger i also play the git-box
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    Band Name: Damon Moon and the Whispering Drifters
    Location: Atlanta, Ga
    Genre(s): Psychedelic, Folk, Americana
    Influences: Wilco, Townes van Zandt, Phosphorescent, many others
    About us:
    Sample song: Motherless Child

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    Artist: EP
    Location: Denmark
    Genre(s): Old school rap/Oldschool hip hop
    Influences: Biggie, mobb deep and Nas
    Sample song:
    Realm First LK HC
    Realm First ''Herald of the titans''
    Realm First Halion

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    Artist: DJ Vulgar
    Genre(s): Dubstep/Electro/House
    Please leave a comment
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    It is still a work in progress, but I really want to know if anyone likes this or not.
    www . youtube . com/ watch?v=n7MEmqV8xLI

    Please comment on your opinion

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    [Music] Say I (saukrates instrumental) Jake Frederickson

    Hey guys so the person doing the rap is Jake i am the "producer" and we're wanting your feed back.
    looking to put out more if you guys like this stuff.

    comment on the video as well.
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    [Music] Scyzer - The Trail

    Hey guys! Some days ago i got the software FL Studio 10 Producer Edition and i started to experiment with it! This is my first song ever made so say what you think If you guys like it I will make more and by the time my tracks will hopefully get better.

    The style is more trance/electro, no dubstep im afraid


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    Band Name: Curse The Fallen
    Location: New Zealand
    Genre(s): Thrash / Metalcore
    Website: Search up on Facebook ^_^.
    Sample song:
    ShamanGLYPH UIYoutube
    Entropy US 1st | Oceanic 1st T19
    Retired but still better than you

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    Do you like Rage Against The Machine / Red Hot Chili Peppers? Check out my band!

    Hey everyone!

    I play bass in a band from sunny San Diego called Neveready. Our music is a fusion of styles - ska, funk, rock, and a hint of hip-hop.

    Check out some of our songs on Youtube - if you want to hear more, you can view everything off of Youtube under the related videos.

    Here is a more ska oriented song -
    This one is a hip-hop, Rage Against The Machine / RHCP kind of mix up -

    If you like what you hear, come "like" us and leave us some love on our Facebook page!

    Also, our complete 10-song album just got released on iTunes. If you wish to purchase it, just type in "Neveready" in the search bar at the iTunes store, or go to

    Yes, this is a shameless self-promotion "go listen to my band" thread, but I really want to hear what you guys think!

    I really hope you guys enjoy it! Please leave me feedback
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    [Music] Cover's

    Hey guys my friend decided to get into singing and made some covers. - Facebook Page - Youtube Channel

    Let me know what you think!

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    Lightbulb Post your own music

    I will just be posting the most interesting songs of mine. The rest of my songs can be found at my SoundCloud profile (link further down).

    Skez - It's Called Euphoria / Spotify - Dubstep
    Edward Maya featuring Vika Jigulina - Stereo Love (Skez Dubstep Remix) - Dubstep
    Mattafix - Big City Life (Skez Remix) - Drum & Bass
    Amaranthe - Amaranthine (Skez Remix) - Drum & Bass
    Skez - We Love - Goa-, psytrance
    Skez - Seagulls (Original Mix) / Spotify - Electro (house)
    Just some rock stuff - Rock

    Here's my SoundCloud profile for a look at all my songs:
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    69 is the band website. is our facebook.

    It's kind of folk oriented music, we're kind of leaning toward a more ambient sound at this point. Most of our records so far have been pretty lo-fi, but we should be heading into a pretty nice studio this January for our next full length.

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    My band made a music video!

    Hey guys, my band Waverley made a music video down here in Australia.

    Since I love the MMO champ community so much I thought I'd love to share it with you.

    Give it a click and let us know what you think We made it all ourselves and had an awesome time doing it... enjoy!

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    not bad man, its catchy.

    good luck!

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    I enjoy the lyrics and the style that yall decided to choose for the video. I just don't like the voice of the vocalist. Also, yalls website isn't loading for me.

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    Sounds like a emo-ier [lack of better word] version of this song in some ways, in my opinion. Or at least reminded me of it when I listened to it.

    I love how crisp the video is, and the colors.

    Rule of Thumb: If the healer's HPS is higher than your DPS, you're doing it wrong.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys! And I love that song Irisel

    In case you might be wondering, when I'm not throwing fireballs and sheeping stuff I'm the guy in all black on guitar...

    And Slotter my host is really messed up on our site... but if you wanna check out our Facebook it's really our main page anyhow...!/Waverleyband

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    Looking to promote free Piano music can be used video production

    Hi all! I've been looking for places to post my link so folks will
    find my free music. If this isn't an appropriate forum for that let
    me know. You can find my music[/url] . I made it royalty free and
    it's currently being used in about three-hundred videos on the web.

    Taylor Hayward

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