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    Freaks and Geeks! only one season but an absolute cult classic

    Watch the intro and see how many faces you recognise
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    You would probably enjoy White Collar and Psych.

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    I would recommend Mad Men. Also The Shield and The Wire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyran View Post
    watch sons of anarchy if you didn't before.
    this and breaking bad, supernatural, true blood etc
    I thought I did, but apparently I don't

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    Boardwalk Empire
    Breaking Bad
    The Wire
    The Sopranos
    Six Feet Under
    Battlestar Galatictica (2004)
    Dead Like Me
    Freaks and Geeks
    Party Down
    In Treatment
    Mad Men
    Downton Abbey
    Arrested Development
    The West Wing
    Twin Peaks
    The Office (UK)
    Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Parks and Recreation
    Modern Family

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    Nation Ruckus

    hey guys! my cousin and his group has been doing music for a couple of years now. they have just released a new music video today and i really like it personally even if its not the kind im listening to. im linking it to you so you can take a look at it and leave comments and reviews or even like and share that video would be amazing from you guys hope u like it.

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    Some Kiwi News "God Bless her Majesty"

    hi Guys

    i am half Kiwi -Ausie ( we both love each other lol)

    Here are some Kiwi songs which are really cool...enjoy

    P.S Going to seee BECK & CAKE em in Aussie

    ---------- Post added 2012-09-22 at 01:31 AM ----------

    Filmed in NZ

    Out in December

    I love my Dwarf Warrior

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    So I made this song, hope you like it!

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    It's nice, but something seems missing. I'm no music critic, but it didn't give me the feeling that other songs of this genre do. It's definitely a good start though.
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    I think the song is great and you should expand it little bit... You probably did it in some PC program for writing music (If I am not mistaken), it would sound far more greater with live musicians. And I understand that is not easy thing to do. So, keep up great work.

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    Thanks you! @vizzle that feeling you talk only great musicians will have the power to cause that on you, I am just some dude @Zrudo Yeah I made it on the computer. Well, I would only use real musicians for a serious project like an album, demo or something like that.. And on my compositions.
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    Artist: Let None Escape
    Genre: blackened death metal (if I were to put it in any genre)
    Not very good quality on the song (we like it this way though), but this is the best we could manage over the course of a weekend and a crash course in Logic, first time our vocalist/rythm guitarist used the program and the first time he recorded in a studio, so a lot of technical setbacks were had. :P
    As I haven't posted much here, I can't give a direct link to youtube, but here's the ending: /watch?v=mJd4Xt7rLIg

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    If you're into video game music (world of warcraft, skyrim, the legend of zelda) and like metal/rock, maybe this is something for you?

    Check out my youtube channel for more cover song

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    [Music] 'Level up to Loneliness' My first electro song. In need of feedback.

    Below is a link to my soundcloud which is where you can listen to my first full electro song, 'Level up to Loneliness.'

    I'm very proud of it and I would like some feedback. Thanks.
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    Oops, looks like we can't find that page!

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    Maybe the track or user has been removed

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    The link is not working.
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    I'm sorry. I broke the link on accident.

    I took out the dash and it will work now. Thanks for listening.

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    Cool track. The singing could use a little work, maybe a splash of autotune.

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    first rap recording

    So my friend started rapping a while back, and he actually recorded a track in studio last week. I want him to get some feedback and views, so tell me what you think =)

    /watch?v=jdCg77G1y3g he will record more this week
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    Quote Originally Posted by clonazepam View Post
    So my friend started rapping a while back, and he actually recorded a track in studio last week. I want him to get some feedback and views, so tell me what you think =)

    /watch?v=jdCg77G1y3g he will record more this week
    ~~Clonazepam - stormreaver
    Honest opinion incoming:

    It's not good. His cadence is way off. The rhymes are weak. Props on him for trying to multi, but it comes across very amateur. The positive feedback i can give is that I kinda dig the tone of his voice, so if he practiced and worked on the content, he could have something. Everyone's gotta start somewhere and I have heard MUCH MUCH MUCH worse before.
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