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    This is my second electronic song. I just finished making it.

    It's called 'Napalm'.

    Let me know what you think.

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    Trying my hand at making music - your thoughts?

    Hello everyone,

    I've recently decided to try getting into making my own music via FL Studio and would love some feedback! For starters, here's something I've worked on today: (Sorry there's no way to embed it into the post )

    Things to note:

    -Snare @ the end. I just put that in at the last second as a symbol for me not knowing where to go with the song lol

    -After a buildup, it seems my volume management isn't very good. It seems that my build-ups seem just as "big" as the melody that follows. Anyone have any advice on that?

    -The kick. Not sure if it's too over-powering, or not present enough. Knowledge gap sucks.

    -Just a question to you all: How well do the piano and synth play together? I'm experimenting and would love feedback on that.

    And, please, mention whatever else you deem noteworthy. I'm tired of doing snippets of things and really want to work at this one to produce a high-quality track. And I tried mastering, but I don't really know what I'm doing. Take it for what it's worth lol

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    Merged thread with meta-'Advertise Your Music' thread. Please, keep all promotion of your own stuff to the megathread.

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    [Music] Movements - UK Acoustic Band

    Hi guys,

    A group of friends of mine have recently self-released an album and had an official video launch. I'm just trying to get their name around a little bit for them!

    It would be great if people would check them out:


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    Hello everyone! This is a video of my friend's band in the Detroit area. My YouTube channel is Faycerole3 and my facebook page is Faycerol3 Media. I will do my best to catch up on the other links in this page. Let's help each other out on promoting local and rising artists!

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    Black Friday - A short film

    My friend is currently in college and made a short video for one of his classes. I thought I see how other like/dislike it.

    "My 7th Motion Pictures video project for Wright State University. The assignment was to create a chase scene that involved cross-cutting. This film is about to guys after the same laptop on Black Friday, only problem is that there is just one left!"

    (C) 2012 Cincinnati Entertainment Company

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    Please, use this thread to share any of your (or your friends') creative projects. This helps to keep the forum tidy.

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    Name: Nine Dimes'll be my future band name, but I'm currently solo, seeing as most of any musicians around my area are into metal. (I live in Downeast Maine... pretty much bumfuck nowhere)
    Genre: Soft Rock, Progressive Rock, Blues.
    Influences: My influences really don't come out much in my music... guess I'd like to think I'm relatively unique in that sense, but the bands I do think of when I write my songs; Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Doors, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Alice in Chains, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Johnson, Yuck, Sonic Youth.
    Instruments I play: My main focus are on my lyrics, and guitar. I also play a pretty mean bass, can sing decently well (only started singing about six months, but it's come along great), and a LITTLE bit of drums and alto saxophone.

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    [music] selfmade tracks and sets, have a listen.

    hi all, i wanted to share some sets i made wich i uploaded to youtube.

    i hope you'll enjoy, comment, like and share with your friends.

    also, i'd like to link a track my brother made. he's talented and could use the support.
    so if you like Drum&Bass have a listen (check his channel for more tracks aswell) and again share with your friends comment and ofc enjoy.

    cheers, stay safe.

    (ps: i cant post links for some reason, so take the time to copy and paste the links above)
    would be helpfull. thanks again.

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    I really enjoyed both sets. Lately, I'm listening to a lot of progressive house and I have to say, this was really good =)

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    glad you enjoyed it. ill be posting more soon enough, so keep an eye open for new stuff.


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    I like them. I listen to a lot of prog trance and balearic so this is right up my ally.
    I've given my hand in some of it as well to. I don't make sets (since I don't know how...) but I do compose some of my own music. Still learning though. :P

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    Hey mimz, i ended up liking both you and your brothers tunes. Pretty good actually =). Since DnB is my fav my only criticism would be directed at your bro's song "One of a Kind" The song was imo really good, but i wasn't feeling the vocal rips he used for it. Normally (and it is) it's all about personal opinion, i just felt like it was subtracting from the song instead of helping.

    also is there anywhere to dl your stuff? i really like your first house set. or you guys holding on to them =P

    either way, best of luck

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    sure you can download it.
    ill upload the sets and ill post the links in here.

    cheers for the comments.

    ---------- Post added 2013-01-17 at 09:59 PM ----------
    thats the link, you can listen to sets on it and you can download them aswell.

    still cant post links apparently.
    so just add www infront of the link above

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    Merged the recent "self-made tracks" thread ( with the macro "Advertise you Music" thread. Please, keep your sharing of personal projects limited to this approved thread.

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    Cool [Music] Enter - The Devil (WoW Music Video)

    Hey guys

    I've recently uploaded a Song from my Friends Band "Kill Robot Kill" with the Song: Enter - The Devil, performed by L90ETC

    I've put alot of effort into the Video so i hope you like it =)



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    hi there people. just wanted to add a link for a new set i made. genre:house-tech house.
    feel free to check it out/share it with friends. cheers

    its on youtube and i still cant post links apparently , so you'll have to copy the link below.


    if someone liked it and wants a link for a download, just pm me and ill upload it so you can download it .

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    The Stratosphere

    A good friend of mine made this song, he's new at making music but I think this sounds pretty good.

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