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    Meh, due to the lack of a band (damn this pop and/or fusion jazz town I live in!) I cannot gift you with my music... Yet!

    Amazing sig, done by mighty Lokann

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    Red face [Dubstep] Somewhere Over the Bass Drop (Somewhere over the Rainbow remix)

    A song my friend made if you like Dubstep, tell me what you think!
    Signature removed due to size - Annoying

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    [Music] Take a listen!

    Hey guys, my friend Scott started recording some music. Thought some might enjoy a listen.

    Leave feedback if you wish.

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    [Music] I got bored so I made a dubstep song about Deathknights. Called Lichborne

    Hello, I'm Lemonlust, I play wow and I produce electronic, dubstep music. I was just playing my death knight the other day and I thought it would be cool to make a song based on Deathknights.

    If you know any cool Death Knight Samples In-game like dialogue or anything let me know

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    Newwww videooooo! Album out next month!

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    I'm loving this thread. It's cool to see a variety of styles. Need moar!

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    Friends won best live act and best artist :)

    Yeah some some shameless friend-pluging inc:
    2 buddies and their band got awarded P3's(swedish national radio) best live act of the year and best act of the year awards. Check them out! Went to school with most of these guys, only really hang with 2 of them though(dude in the red shirt Simon, Andre the guy next to him to the right).

    The nerve is called the "nerve of awareness". You cant dissect it. Its a current that runs up the center of your spine. I dont know if any of you have sat down, crossed your legs, smoked DMT, and watch what happens... but what happens to me is this big thing goes RRRRRRRRRAAAAAWWW! up my spine and flashes in my brain... well apparently thats whats going to happen if I do this stuff...

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    [ Music ] Making progress ( Rap flow )

    Awhile ago i posted my friends rap video, well here he is with another one.

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    Name: Dize
    Location: 9o5
    Genre(s): Rap, Hip-Hop
    Influences: T.I., Mac Miller, Drake
    About us: I rap for fun, I do it cuz I love it, I use a shitty PS3 Eyecam for my Mic and a Cracked version of CoolEditPro, Real Underground Hip-Hop.
    Sample song:

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    Here's my latest house remix, Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris - We Found Love (Skez Remix)

    If you like psychedelic downbeat like Shpongle and Younger Brother-ish listen to this:

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    [Music] Check out my band!

    Hi all.

    If you have some time, please, check out my new band, Bag of Music.

    We're an Indie Rock/Grunge/loud? band based out side of Philly.

    If you like it, please consider buying the album, it's only 1 dollar to download!

    Thanks for your time.

    Much love.

    Also, please note, this IS a DIY recording. It's not professional.
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    Thumbs up The Majority Says need more views :)

    So i found this awsome Swedish band called "The Majority Says"! They have some really awsome songs, unfortunately they seem undiscovered.
    They clearly need more publicity overseas, so head over to youtube and check them out and thumbs up if you like them

    Edit: Crap.. Forgot to add the [Music] label, sowwy
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    Name: DJ_Pattymcsexdrops
    Location: NYC
    Genre(s): Techno Dubstep Trance etcetc


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    Music Box Meets Surf Guitar

    A song I wrote arranged and produced. The concept was to take old music box sounds and contrast them with some jarring surf instro music before resolving to a classical heroic theme that weaves the elements together. I was aiming to create a feeling of melancholic childhood memories. Hopefully some people here might enjoy it.

    Originally Posted by Tigole
    I'm not so sure endgame players would like the face of the game if everyone had instant access to all of the content. There is something to be said for progression and the sense of accomplishment. Don't get me wrong, we have to be careful not to create a brick wall for new people, but I think there is a balance to be struck here.

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    Shameless plugs

    Didnt find any thread like this.

    Feel free to post your own music here, dont care what genre etc, aslong as its your material

    "Remember there is always something cleaverer than yourself"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackmoves View Post
    Yeah some some shameless friend-pluging inc:
    2 buddies and their band got awarded P3's(swedish national radio) best live act of the year and best act of the year awards. Check them out! Went to school with most of these guys, only really hang with 2 of them though(dude in the red shirt Simon, Andre the guy next to him to the right).

    dafuq, you know Kapten Röd? he is baws

    "Remember there is always something cleaverer than yourself"

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    Hey guys, my band just put out a new video that we made by ourselves. As always I'd love to get some feedback, was great to see people from here commenting on our last one. It's pretty gritty so if you aren't into that it may not be for you!

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    Original music - Interested in feedback!

    Here's some music I recently did specifically for battle type sequences in games for Unity 3D. I'm interested in hearing if people would enjoy this type of music in battle scenes in games and general feedback. I should add they're short clips of each full song. Thanks!

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    Looking for Feedback

    Hey there!

    My band 'Warden' has just uploaded a track from our soon to be released E.P. The track is titled 'Inside Feelings' and we are looking for general feedback from various people to get more of an understanding on how our music is.

    All constructive feedback is welcome, even negative if you describe what the negative aspects are and not just that its bad.

    If possible, could you please put the sorts of artists you listen to yourself underneath to give us an idea of your musical background please.

    Thankyou so much for your time!

    Link to the page:

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    [MUSIC] Metal-Dubstep

    I've never heard anything like this before. Sure, I've heard a few attempts at "metalstep" and "deathstep", but I felt like they never TRULY captured either genre in their purest form.

    Today I present my take on the new genre to you with hopes of receiving constructive feedback and suggestions on how to further refine the sound and turn it into a monster. I am NOT looking for an ego boost.

    If you just want a quick example without searching through my available tracks, I recommend the song "2012" to start with.

    Some background on my personal musicianship/music taste(for those who care): Been playing guitar for around eight years, producing for not even one yet, but I consider myself to be a fairly fast learner.

    Been into metal bands such as Opeth, Terrorizer, Nile, Electric Wizard, At The Gates, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, etc. Dubstep-wise, I'm into Skrillex, Datsik, Excision, Nero, Kill The Noise, etc.

    Thanks for the interest and I hope to hear some feedback.

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