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    2012 sounds sick.keep up the good work

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    Sounds pretty awesome but if I can suggest something, it would be nice with a few more "wub wubs" and break downs. But that's just my opinion, amazing nonetheless.

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    i'm not a fan of the extremely monotone intro (first about 55sec - 1min), but after that it's decent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehman View Post
    i'm not a fan of the extremely monotone intro (first about 55sec - 1min), but after that it's decent
    Yeah, I was thinking of cutting that intro shorter. At the very least, the speech should have come in sooner. I don't want to have any monotone/boring parts in my music, so rest assured this won't be repeated in the future. Thank you very much. Surprised anyone would even find this stuff decent; as the dubstep and metal crowds are almost polar opposites from one another.

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    merged this with the advertise your muisc thread

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    Hey Champions.
    I have recently begun producing electro music on Ableton Live 8 :P It is pretty fun, but I’m still having a little trouble with it.
    But, I just finished a little project. It might not be very good, since, you know, I’m totally new, but it is just a spare-time thing It doesn’t have to be good, right?
    Just thought I would share it. It’s called “In Flames (Original Mix), under my alias Dysto.

    Name: Dysto
    Location: Denmark
    Genre: Electro
    Influences: Various trance- and electrohouse artists.

    Remember to listen in 720p!

    By the way, Skez, I saw your post on first page and checked you out. And you are awesome. Do you use Ableton or Cubase? Or something else? if you see this, please answer Good day.

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    Hey guys/gals, Check out DangerKids!

    Check out my buddies new band! danger kids! <-- Countdown <-- Light Escapes

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    Thanks for thec- and then I ran like a coward 'cause I got assaulted by a wasp, oh well.
    What I was going to write was thanks for the share, sounds good

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    [Music] What do you think of this track? (electronic)

    One of my guildies' boyfriend is into DJing and he recently made a track as part of a contest with Quantum Records and Amba Shepherd. I just heard it myself and I like it a lot, hopefully he has a shot at winning.

    Check it out and share it if you like it, maybe even leave a nice comment. He's going through some really bad stuff right now, so I think some positive feedback will really help lift his spirits. Thanks!

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    This is the new Advertise your Music thread.

    Post your music, your friends music or any other music you want to promote. Please only use this thread.

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    Hey guys I play in a band called Allinaday and we are in the final 4 to win an opening slot at The Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA. The concert includes STP, Bush, Deftones, Chevelle, Hollywood Undead, Theory of a Deadman, Oleander and a ton more. This is a huge show and a great opportunity for us! If you are interested in helping goto our Facebook page at: and follow one of the million posts or the event page about it!

    Don't have facebook and want to help? Go to: http://www.topblip.c...match/4143/full and register and vote for Allinaday!

    You can vote everyday, once a day.

    I appreciate any help and let me know what you guys think about my band!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hayward View Post
    Hi all! I've been looking for places to post my link so folks will
    find my free music. If this isn't an appropriate forum for that let
    me know. You can find my music[/url] . I made it royalty free and
    it's currently being used in about three-hundred videos on the web.

    Taylor Hayward
    This guy is really amazing!

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    Recommend me something new

    So recently i have finished quite a few tv series and until new seasons start airing in a month or so i would like something i can watch online

    A list of likes would be: suits, castle, dexter, rizzoli and isles, ncis, csi, two and a half men, big bang theory, game of thrones, the newsroom, sherlock.... and quite a few more but you get the jist.

    Can anyone think of a tv series which they like and may be underrated or under advertised so that i may not have heard of but could potentially enjoy, thanks a lot

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    I pretty much only watch three things on TV: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Colbert Report, and Sportscenter.

    So yeah, I'd recommend watching It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I'm not sure if it's "underrated", but I find it hilarious, just know it's a "dark humor" show (egotistical, etc).

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    The League

    edit: (these are a bit older, but still fantastic)

    That 70's Show
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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

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    Blue Mountain State, i don't know if you will like, but i think it is fun as hell, and after some episodes you really begin to like the Characters and not watch just for the lolz.
    Give it a try, if you only see the trailer it will just looks like American Pie or something trying to be funny with boobies everywhere.

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    watch sons of anarchy if you didn't before.

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    thanks for these replies, i watch of course friends, that 70s show, sons of anarchy etc, but being from the UK we dont get the hear about all US made tv shows just the ones tv companies buy the rights to show here. So programmes like Blue State Mountain I have never heard of and will look into. thanks for replies

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