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    Savage Defense, can someone explain it to me? "Recharge time" ?

    Can someone explain this spell to me? I'm popping it everytime I have 60 rage and I'm aoe pulling and fighting heavy melee bosses, and using frenzied regen for magic bosses/pulls etc.

    but.. what does recharge time mean? I read a guide saying it has stacks, but it doesn't on my screen. I'm very confused.

    Should I not be popping it every chance I get on melee bosses/pulls?

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    It has 3 "charges" every time you use it, 1 charge is used. It recharges everey 9 seconds. Aditionally the dodge buff stacks in time so when you use it while the buff is active you extend the buff time. So when you use all 3 after another(assuming you have enough rage) your dodge buff is ~18sek (minus global cds etc) and you have to wait 9 seconds (again minus global cds)to use it again.
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    Thanks, they didn't make that very clear at all

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    If you pop it everytime it comes up you will eventually run out of charges where you can't use it at all for a little while. Generally not an issue because I'm busy using other abilities and it costs quite a lot of rage, but something to keep in mind.

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    For longer fights I try to pop it every 9 seconds. I like having the extra charges in case something goes wrong I can pop a few off in a row (as long as I get the rage though that is what berserk and incarn are for). For the 3 seconds of downtime I am planning on reforging haste and hit to mastery for as much armor as possible.

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