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    Wow, lol that was a very interesting read, so amazing how much changed from then to when it was released to well now. I'm still amazing that it did so well and has lasted so long, when I first saw it on a friends computer in first year, I passed over it saying I'd probably never like it (was into CS and AoE at the time). Now I'm still playing and most of my friends that couldn't stop talking about it back then have long since quit.

    Funny stuff

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    I remember when zones didn't have load times. That was a sad day when they changed it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by resare View Post
    I remember when zones didn't have load times. That was a sad day when they changed it.
    One of the biggest problems I thought with Cataclysm. And thankfully that thought was echoed by Blizzard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deplorable View Post
    I did giggle at article 9 at the bottom.

    Blizzards No No list -

    * the need to camp for crucial monsters

    If only they had known what the future would bring.
    If you've never played Everquest, maybe you don't really get this.

    Back in EQ, which mostly revolved around grinding mobs to gain exp, people would basically stake their claims and camp certain groups of mobs.

    So if you were playing, you'd maybe see a group of people totally dominating a camp of sand giants, so you'd have to go play somewhere else, for example.

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    if you look closly on the map they showed you can find Tol Barad

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    Flight speed time

    Flight speed time...
    Quote Originally Posted by Tente View Post
    Look at the Blizzard's NO-NO list arround page 78 on the PDF, look at the last one.
    No Rats and Bunnies to kill hmmmm ok, those bunnies arround the pandaria farms are not bunnies !
    Nor is the Darkmoon Rabbit ( and Giant Sewer Rat ( ...
    (Sorry can't post direct links yet - and kudos to the person who gets the reference before reading the item)
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