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    Cataclysm: "Mighty shaman elemental spirits grant me the power to breath under water!" - "Wish granted" (buffed)
    Mop:"Now to get that quest under water!" -*gulp* "Ressurect in 3,2,1"

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    Just wear your Dalaran fishing-pole for unlimited underwaterbreathing.
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    *sniffle* I've come to miss waterbreathing a great deal since I had to do those Golden Lotus dailies where you loot those ruby eyes underwater. It takes so long... and I always forget that I now have to care about drowning. Fortunately, I looted an underwater breathing item from a rare mob the other day. Now if I'd just remember to use it...

    My guildies laugh at me when I curse about having drowned yet again *sigh*

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    Yeah i miss it too, and i don't get it why locks kept theirs and we did not, and yes Mop was the first time my shamy drowned. Shortly after that i farmed that aquajewel. (which is awesome in temple of kotmogu if you carry a ball btw. )

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    Kinda funny, but I managed to kill a mage using water breathing and LoS/Grounding. Some how i made him so mad and he was so intent on killing me he drowned himself

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