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    Soul of the forest versus Incarnation for Feral PvP

    What is the better choice in your opinion and why?

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    incarnation is better in anyway
    can use pounce out of steath anr revange, but well need energy, with tiger's fury and berserk should be insane burst
    but as I noticed melee attacks are OP, and bleeds are also up, targets were dying in a few sec, I smell a nerf incoming
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    Are you talking about 5.0 live or beta? Because on live from what i have seen all casters and all hybrids including DK and Ret have both bigger burst and sustained damage then feral druid.
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    Incarnation to pvp. Its a bigger burst

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    Incarnation also provides a lot of utility. You can use pounce with it as a no-CD interrupt (not necessarily only on your current main target either, where DR could quickly make this useless).

    And you can use it to restealth. Sure it may seem pointless because you'll always have some dots on you but using prowl while you have incarnation up doesn't cost anything and can be helpful against casters. For instance this is useful in a situation where you are running to get back in melee range of a caster and have charge on CD. Being stealthed even only for a portion of the way there is useful.
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    I find incarnation more fun just because i'll rape more but it seems also quite stupid cause you are more cd dependent. Soul of the forest doesnt seem bad either and it increases your overall utility and energy regen and dmg. You can see top a lot top ferals picking soul of forest (due the reason mentioned earlier) but in arenas your comp will decide which is better.
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    Incarnation 100%. You can use it both offensively and defensively.

    What I mean is, obviously you can macro it to berserk and on use trinket (+Troll racial >;3 ) for high damage.

    But it allows you to use Prowl for it's duration (30 seconds) This means you can get THREE restealths per incarn. How does this benifit? So far i've Prowl'ed the durations of Death Coil, Fear. Get noved by a mage and stealth so you don't get deeped. It's beautiful. Ele shaman blows his cds.. -stealth- Ret used wings? -Stealth- and wait it out.. -nomnomnom-

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    i made a macro that uses both incarnation and berserk at the same time. both have a 3 min CD so they will always be up at the same time. the only thing is incarnation lasts twice as long as berserk. that said, when you pop that you can get a ton of burst is you have savage roar up as well.
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