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    Quote Originally Posted by Lestrang View Post
    can't manage to make power aura track the buff except if its on myself

    any ideas?
    There should be an option on the first pane (where you check all the conditions to show up the aura) "On self" or something like that (I'm not at home so I can't check): you should put a cross (2 clicks) on that option. Probably there is an option aswell to check the aura if on "Friendly target". Do some tests

    Sorry if I can't help you that much...

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    I'm using TellMeWhen to track my sacred shield, though I haven't tried to track the 5 second absorb. All I track is the 30 second spell.

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    Raven tracks it for me.

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    I use TellMeWhen to track SS. It works great and is easy to set up. It does track the 30 second buff.

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    CLCBPT tracks the 30sec duration, who it's on, and gives a warning when it's about to fall off.

    Also tracks who your Beacon is on, though it remembers after I change spec...and that's a little awkward.

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    with the changes they made to sacred shield and how it reacts Ice hud picks up the longer duration buff now rather then the 6 second buff

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    I am using WeakAura's to track it. I have the long timer showing. Than I have a sound playing for when the 6 second timer refreshes or expires. Than when SS(long buff) fades it plays another sound. Only way I could get it to work.

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    I really can't seem to get TellmeWhen to track 30 sec sacred shield, When i apply sacred shield it works and all that.. but as soon as 1 of the 6 second buffs fade my 30 sec sacred shield button fades aswell.. any helps?

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    i track mine with Icehud

    u can also get it to track inq too

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    I haven't tried it myself but I also use IceHUD and if you put in the correct spell IDs it should be able to distinguish the two buffs (may also have to set it to exact match or something, I forget).
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    TellMeWhen works fine. I use it to track Sacred Shield, Bastion of Glory stacks, Shield of the Righteous (buff) and a couple other minor things and everything works fine.

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    I use a weakauras timer that is basically using the combat log event of me casting sacred shield as the start of a stopwatch timer that will display a sacred shield icon for 28 seconds. it isn't perfect because ss can last longer than 28 seconds, but there are not many times where ss isn't up due to it getting refreshed from having no other fillers anyways and if the timer disappears i know i need to reapply it soon anyways

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