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    I wish I had rolled a Char for mine, just so it would have the right 'vibe'. However, I was swayed by the mighty power of the Norn. I thought given the time that some Norn would have picked up some scientific and alchemical know-how...especially with their interaction with the Char.

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    Asura Necromancer, because suddenly going into lich form scares the **** out of people.

    Charr Thief, because of the catlike reflexes (doesn't matter if you're huge and hairy and make loud noises!).

    Male Norn Mesmer, because wrestlers who wear purple always win.

    Sylvari Engineer, because trees making use of industrial machines is hilarious.

    Human Warrior, because of originality.
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    Dunno why but for me a human female necromancer just seems so right. I haven't even made one yet but I know from the bwe's that they just seem to fit so good.

    Pale fair skin, ghostly wraith eyes, dark hair in pigtails, and that face that has that I'm better than you and I know it look to it.

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