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    SlamAndAwe v2.1 (patch 5.0+) for ALL Warriors

    What's SlamAndAwe?
    SlamAndAwe (available on Curse) is a Warrior priorities/ragebar/timerbar/uptime tracking addon that has been recently updated for MoP (v2.0) for ALL specs.

    There are several configurable priority groups, which can also be set via keybinds to change on the fly depending on the encounter.

    When changing specs, the priority group selection will switch automatically under the condition you're currently not using groups 4 or 5 (custom lists).

    Priority group 1: Default group for Fury

    Priority group 2: Default group for Protection.

    Priority group 3: Default group for Arms.

    Priority groups 4 and 5: Additional priority groups for configuring different situations, such as AoE rotation.

    Rage Bar (for protection warriors, changes to green when over 60 rage)

    Fury/Arms: Colossus Smash, Recklessness and Deadly Calm.

    Protection: Shield Barrier (with estimated absorb amount), Shield Block, Shield Wall and Deadly Calm.

    How do you come up with these priority lists?
    The default priority lists are based off Simulationcraft's action priority list for level 90, T14 Heroic gear.

    Why don't you show additional priority boxes like other addons?
    In a priority based system where spells and procs are constantly changing the rotation at the last second, it makes no sense to show additional "upcoming" abilities. This will only confuse you and can cause you to presume a non-ideal ability should you look away.

    Why does the addon update so slowly?
    It doesn't. The addon is configured to display the recommended priority .5 seconds before the end of the GCD, to ensure best accuracy. For the average player, .5 seconds should be enough time for you react, though, this setting can be changed by modifying the cooldown threshold in the options.

    Why does It keep suggesting HS lower then the current rage threshold I set?
    Per BIS, HS is beneficial at other rage thresholds based on certain buffs or debuffs. These are statically built in to the addon depending on your current spec.

    For Fury:
    heroic_strike,use_off_gcd=1,if=(((debuff.colossus_smash.up&rage>=40)|(buff.deadly_calm.up& rage>=30))&>=20)|rage>=rage.threshold.setting

    For Arms:
    heroic_strike,use_off_gcd=1,if=((buff.taste_for_blood.up&buff.taste_for_blood.remains<=2)| (buff.taste_for_blood.stack=5)|(buff.taste_for_blood.up&debuff.colossus_smash.remains<=2)| buff.deadly_calm.up|rage>rage.threshold)&>=20&debuff.colossus_smash.up

    How can you help?
    For any bugs, please report on curse. If you know how to profile addons using consumption, feel free to post your system specs and cpu cycle time/meminfo while running the addon so I can see if any optimizations are necessary immediately. If your rotation can out dps the default rotation (at level 90), please record some logs so I can compare.
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    I will give this a test and get back with some constructive criticisms

    Edit: What I would say it to take out the cooldowns from the list of recomended abilities. Some people want to save reck for a diff time and the rotation will not go on without pressing reckessless. Also you should add a 1 or 2 boxes showing what abilities to use. ( like clc ret)
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    You can always modify the priority list yourself and remove it or configure priority groups for different style of fights. I'll be adding the functionality back that lets you switch between priority groups on the fly via keybinds so you don't always have to go through the addon configuration tabs.

    The initial settings when you download will always be setup around patchwerk style fights as with Simulationcrafts APL.

    v2.0.4 fixes the ragebar and unending rage glyph, as well as the timer for recklessness depending on the recklessness glyph.
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    Looking for more input before next update.
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    Thanks for doing the updates.

    It seems to be going well, I'm having an issue where I can't get the rage bar to auto hide. It seems to get stuck on all the time. I don't know if this is a bug on logging/zoning generating rage?

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    Ragebar is permanently on even outside of combat. I left it that way because sometimes I build up rage on trash before or between fights, plus when using shouts etc.

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    fair enough, that makes sense and its something I do to, Although is there away to make it auto hide when its empty at all?

    I think I miss understood the 'Permanent Rage Bar' toggle until now

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    Permanent Rage Bar just means keep the Rage Bar up even when the addon is disabled (internally). This was because it used to only support Fury, so I wanted to hide the priority frame when tanking but keep the rage bar. But, as of tonight it now supports prot.

    The Alpha version I just posted adds Protection abilities to the list of priorities, as well as bars for shield block and shield barrier (absorb amount). I'll be adding shield wall as well here in a few.

    For now you'll have to manually create a prot priority list, but there will be a default list and the addon will switch automatically between Fury and Protection specific priority lists when you switch specs (as well as hotkey bindings).

    ---------- Post added 2012-09-01 at 09:43 PM ----------

    The only bug atm is enabling/disabling bars from the opposite spec, or changing colors for cooldowns of the opposite spec. IE if you're Fury, trying to change the shield block bar color may give errors.

    This is because when you change specs, only bars from the spec you're in are currently available to the addon.

    ---------- Post added 2012-09-02 at 10:55 AM ----------

    I'll add an option to hide the rage bar permanently and out of combat (or when empty).

    ---------- Post added 2012-09-02 at 06:02 PM ----------

    v2.0.5 adds initial protection support.

    If you switch to Fury, priority group 1 is selected automatically, if you switch to Protection, priority group 2 is select automatically. If you have a custom list selected (3, 4, 5), it will not switch when changing specs.
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    I gave it a shot for one dungeon, but couldn't get a feel for it based on just that. Seems like it could be a useful addon when you've got an extra gcd and you're not sure if you should use HS or a 30 rage WS. I look forward to seeing future iterations.

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    There's a hidden Heroic Strike threshold for during CS, which is currently set at rage > 30. This will be raised to > 40 in the next update.

    Also working on "off gcd" abilities per Simulationcraft's APL, and a method for determining if a target is a boss for long cd's, maybe something like health over 2mil.
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    Pit Lord
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    Hi, just did some quick dummy testing but pretty quickly felt like its updating very slow.
    It would be nice to see next ability immediately after incurring the gcd, not when the gcd is over.

    Hard to check more without above working, like the idea tho

    Can you change execute phase priority only ?
    And would that change have to be toggled or enables automatically ?
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    I second what Santa said. I tried the addon but its incredibly slow. Its much much faster just to perform the rotation by yourself because of how long it takes for the icon to update.

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    It really all depends on your reaction time and muscle memory. I'll add the ability to adjust the display time, but if you set it too early you may end up using an ability that isn't ideal, say a higher priority ability comes off CD right at those last few milliseconds.

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    I guess, but im a button masher and 9/10 times it'll be next in ability queue, to late for me anyhow.

    Now it feels like im tilting my head waiting seconds for that image to pop
    majority of the time the image is shown ~30% left of the gcd, if that could be ~60+% left. think it would help.
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    CLCret shows the next ability instantaneously and if a better ability comes off CD or procs it changes the icon to match that. Ovale does this as well. As does CLCdk.

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    If you want to try and test it before I add the option in the next release, edit WoW Folder/Interface/AddOns/SlamAndAwe/Options.lua

    Find this line (should be line 214):

    cooldown = 0.5,

    Change to 1.0 or 1.5, then /reload or relog. Never set it higher then the GCD (1.5). Those will be the 3 options it'll let you select in the next update.

    Or you might also just be able to type this in game:

    /script SlamAndAwe.db.char.priority.cooldown = 1.0 (or whatever)
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    Really appreciate the fast responses, however i've tried the settings now.
    "1.5" leaves the image stuck at times but a lot better for those with that same gcd.
    "1" is still a bit to slow for me.

    Any word on the execute phase, does the addon treat them differently ?

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    Well the cooldown change was off the top of my head, didn't really get a chance to test it myself as I'm at work so I'll look at it more tonight.

    As for execute phase, any abilities that change priority on different conditions (say <20%) have multiple entries in the priority list, I just haven't gotten around to them all yet. Really the biggest change during execute is that wild strike/blood surge drop below cs/execute, so pretty much just bt/cs/exe.

    When all is said and done the default priority list will mimic this as close as possible, though you can adjust to your personal tastes:
    7 	3.42 	recklessness,use_off_gcd=1,if=((debuff.colossus_smash.remains>=5|cooldown.colossus_smash.remains<=4)&((!talent.avatar.enabled|!set_bonus.tier14_4pc_melee)&((<20|target.time_to_die>315|(target.time_to_die>165&set_bonus.tier14_4pc_melee)))|(talent.avatar.enabled&set_bonus.tier14_4pc_melee&buff.avatar.up)))|target.time_to_die<=18
    8 	0.00 	avatar,use_off_gcd=1,if=talent.avatar.enabled&(((cooldown.recklessness.remains>=180|buff.recklessness.up)|(>=20&target.time_to_die>195)|(<20&set_bonus.tier14_4pc_melee))|target.time_to_die<=20)
    9 	7.98 	bloodbath,use_off_gcd=1,if=talent.bloodbath.enabled&(((cooldown.recklessness.remains>=10|buff.recklessness.up)|(>=20&(target.time_to_die<=165|(target.time_to_die<=315&!set_bonus.tier14_4pc_melee))&target.time_to_die>75))|target.time_to_die<=19)
    A 	13.19 	berserker_rage,use_off_gcd=1,if=!(buff.enrage.react|(buff.raging_blow.react=2&>=20))
    B 	10.90 	heroic_leap,use_off_gcd=1,if=debuff.colossus_smash.up
    C 	7.79 	deadly_calm,use_off_gcd=1,if=rage>=40
    D 	69.87 	heroic_strike,use_off_gcd=1,if=(((debuff.colossus_smash.up&rage>=40)|(buff.deadly_calm.up&rage>=30))&>=20)|rage>=110
    E 	95.34 	bloodthirst,if=!(<20&debuff.colossus_smash.up&rage>=30)
    F 	14.21 	wild_strike,if=buff.bloodsurge.react&>=20&cooldown.bloodthirst.remains<=1
    G 	31.88 	wait,sec=cooldown.bloodthirst.remains,if=!(<20&debuff.colossus_smash.up&rage>=30)&cooldown.bloodthirst.remains<=1
    H 	21.31 	colossus_smash
    I 	24.12 	execute
    J 	0.00 	storm_bolt,if=talent.storm_bolt.enabled
    K 	59.89 	raging_blow,if=buff.raging_blow.react
    L 	27.17 	wild_strike,if=buff.bloodsurge.react&>=20
    M 	0.00 	shockwave,if=talent.shockwave.enabled
    N 	6.96 	dragon_roar,if=talent.dragon_roar.enabled
    O 	11.26 	heroic_throw
    P 	5.29 	battle_shout,if=rage<70&!debuff.colossus_smash.up
    Q 	0.00 	bladestorm,if=talent.bladestorm.enabled&cooldown.colossus_smash.remains>=5&!debuff.colossus_smash.up&cooldown.bloodthirst.remains>=2&>=20
    R 	4.66 	wild_strike,if=debuff.colossus_smash.up&>=20
    S 	8.69 	impending_victory,if=talent.impending_victory.enabled&>=20
    T 	12.76 	wild_strike,if=cooldown.colossus_smash.remains>=1&rage>=60&>=20
    U 	0.46 	battle_shout,if=rage<70

    Looking at this closer, rather then adding <20% abilities they just add >20% to all of the non execute phase abilities which will probably be easier. Will update tonight
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    Hey man nice addon, any chance that it could get a support for arms at some point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whysper View Post
    Hey man nice addon, any chance that it could get a support for arms at some point?
    It's on the far list of things to do after Fury is 100% finished.

    v2.0.6 adds the option in the priority frame menu to adjust the cooldown window (to show abilities sooner/later).

    ---------- Post added 2012-09-04 at 06:54 PM ----------

    v2.0.8 adds "Recklessness on Boss" and "Deadly Calm on Boss", and were added to the default priority list.

    "on boss" applies only when the unitclassification returns "boss", similar to the skull/boss displayed on a target in unitframes. For example, on a level 85 target dummy they will not appear, but on a level 88 "boss" target dummy they will.

    ---------- Post added 2012-09-04 at 09:12 PM ----------


    -Adds "off gcd" to recklessness, deadly calm, heroic strike and heroic leap. This means they will only display between spells or during the GCD. Please test and provide feedback on that.
    -Added heroic leap and heroic throw back to the default priority list. Please test and provide feedback on that.
    -Improved "on boss" to take account character level + 3, as certain bosses like morchok for some reason aren't considered bosses. I may add a fixed health value in the future as well.
    -Improved most of the health.pct>20 abilities per Simulationscrafts APL.

    Heroic strike (outside of the settable rage threshold) works as per the APL:
    heroic_strike,use_off_gcd=1,if=(((debuff.colossus_smash.up&rage>=40)|(buff.deadly_calm.up& rage>=30))&>=20)|rage>=110

    I did a run tonight and seemed pretty well, still getting used to the "off gcd" switch. There were a few moments of downtime, but think it was just rng.

    Also the default priority group is based around SMF, you may need to change it up for TG.
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