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    Stat priority for Protection dps


    I am struggling with enrage timers in the later ranks of the Brawler's Guild, and am thus now facing the likely necessity to get a DPS off-spec. But since I enjoy playing Prot more than Fury/Arms I thought I'd first try to maximize my Prot damage instead.

    Does anyone know what the stat priority for that intent would be? I assumed Hit 7.5% = Exp 15% > Str > Crit > Parry (for Revenge and Hold the Line) > Dodge (for Revenge) > Haste, but that is only based on intuition, not math. Also, would 320 Crit be better than 160 Str?

    If anyone can help me with hard data, I would appreciate it.

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    I BELIEVE you'd be correct for the most part. There's no optimal way to get massive dps out of prot unless you're taking enough damage to raise vengeance high. Perhaps some crit trinkets and gear for max hit/expertise.

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    So nobody has access to math for this? Or any sort of input that surpasses the ultimately useless mere intuition and common sense myself and idefiler6 produced? I am surprised - I was convinced the community somewhere had already accumulated that data. Looks like I really have to figure it out myself.

    Poor lazy iscalio.

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    I very highly doubt that crit would be better than Str, crit is only so good for fury because our rotation mandates that we crit, or we cant push our buttons and our mastery is 100% unused is we aren't criting. For prot you dont have those requirements, so the straight str will be better. Also I don't know about the expertise to 15%. To 7.5 sure, you'll eliminate dodges, still get parries but not as frequently, but I'm not sure, that could use some mathing out and testing. For the biggest damage increase I'd say make sure you're using DPS trinkets(In firelands even 1 dps trinket was the difference between our tanks getting thier birds killed on alysrazor or not), if you don't have access to raid one/Xuen, Carbuncle and Lessons of Darkmaster aren't bad. I also read that bladerstorm as prot when you slap on a 2 hander is insane damage for prot, you may want to look in to that as well.

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    Thank you for your reply, SkaCore. However, I have some concerns about your advice.

    Expertise 0-7.5% and Expertise 7.5-15% are exactly equivalent as far as usefulness goes. 7.5% percent is a completely random point to stop stacking Expertise, from a mathematical point of view. My hits do not care whether they are dodged or parried, so somehow treating the dodge cap as more desirable than the parry cap is not sensible. I am unsure what you mean with "getting parries but not as frequently". Expertise up to 7.5% does not reduce the parry likelihood at all. You probably mistakenly believe that Expertise up to 7.5% reduces both dodge and parry - but that is not the case.

    And I am aware why Crit is so valuable for Fury, and subsequently why that does not translate to Prot. But considering that secondary stats only count half nowadays on gem budgets, the question Str or Crit is nonetheless not as clear as you paint it. +1 Str is obviously better than +1 Crit. But that is not the question that poses itself. The question is whether +1 Str is better than +2 Crit.

    The trinket advice is sensible, but unfortunately all-too-obvious. Of course I am going to use dps trinkets instead of mitigation trinkets if what I am aiming for is damage output. "Use dps trinkets" is thus about as helpful as idefiler6's explanation that "vengeance equals damage".

    Finally, the Bladestorm comment. Isn't that "insane damage" you speak of only applicable to AoE situations? Since I am trying to gear for the Brawler's Guild, this is of limited usefulness. If however you mean to say that the two-handed Bladestorm for Prot is also superior dps for single target, then I will give it a try.

    Please don't take this the wrong way, I do appreciate your input, despite probably coming across as a bit of an ingrate. It is just not the educated reply I was hoping for.

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    For protection DPS I would always suggest getting Hit and Expertise capped as a must. After that it really depends on how much vengeance you can get, because after a certain point crit is going to outweigh strength, I haven't done the calculations in detail but off the top of my head I would say the break point is probably going to be at around 50-60k Attack Power, which as I'm sure you know is easily gained in raids.

    For brawlers guild however you are probably going to be sitting on around 30k Attack Power so I would 'probably' go for strength over crit.

    After that I would then go for Parry as you correctly said for Hold the Line and that should be more than enough stats to be getting on with^^

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