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    What professions have you chosen for your 5 character slots?

    Thread title says it all!

    As for myself i have chosen a sylvari necro, char ranger, human thief, norn mesmer and a asura guardian.

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    Charr ranger, asura guardian, asura necromancer, norn warrior, sylvari elementalist.
    Last one might not be final, haven't played this character much yet.

    And I'm not sure if this thread is different enough from the other profession threads to stay open.
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    Char warrior, Human thief, Asura mesmer, undecided, undicided

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    Asura Elementalist...Sylvari Necro...Human Thief...Charr Warrior and Norn Ranger

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    Themed and named after the 4 Knights of Gwyn from Dark Souls...and Excecutioner Smough, but I wanted to have one of each race, and a fairly unique class spread - Human Guardian for Abysswalker Artorias, Asura Thief for Lordblade Ciaran, Nord Ranger for Hawkeye Gough, Charr Warrior for Executioner Smough, and Sylvari Elementalist for Dragonslayer Ornstein

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    Thief, Ele, Guardian/warrior(undecided), and two slots for fotm pvp

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    Tried all the other classes to level 10+ and its the only one that holds my interest.

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    Sylvari mesmer, Asura elementalist, Charr guardian, human thief, norn necromancer.

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    Human Warrior, Human Guardian, Human Elementalist, Human Thief, undecided
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    My main is elementalist, and I'll be making a ranger, warrior, thief and guardian. Then I'll be buying slots for the next ones Probably not for a while though! I do intend to play everything eventually.

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    Human male Warrior, Sylvari male Guardian, undecided, undecided and undecided. But I think my next character will be a thief. :P

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    Sylvari Guardian, nothing else on the other 4 slots. I tend to only focus on 1 character at a time before making a new one.

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    Human Necromancer (my main, level 35) (I wish I didn't roll a Necro...)
    Asuran Elementalist
    Charr Warrior
    Norn Ranger
    Sylvari Mesmer

    Human Guardian
    Charr Engineer
    Human Thief

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    Charr Elementalist
    Nothing else yet

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    #1 is my ranger. He is currently 37.

    Next is a thief and an elementalist. Btoh of these are lvl 2.

    Basically I am loving ranger but interested in other classes so I've been doing spvp to see what is up with other professions.

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    One of the first things that I did was buy three more character slots so I could have all of the professions. :P

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    Asura Elementalist.
    Norn Warrior.
    Charr Ranger.
    Human Mesmer.
    Sylvari Theif.

    IF i ever get the other 3 slots.

    Charr Guardian
    Asura Engineer
    Sylvari Necro

    But i just got home so its time to play!!
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    Sylvari Thief
    Asura Warrior
    Charr Engineer

    Not sure about the last two yet.

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    Warrior Charr (40)
    Necromancer Sylvari (5)
    Guardian Norn (2)
    Thief Human (3)

    The only one that is set in stone though is the warrior. I might end up with other professions in the remaining 4 slots, since I haven't even tried out all of them yet.
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    human mesmer as my main
    charr guardian
    sylvari hunter
    norn elementalist
    and human necro...wanted to make an asura but i wanna find out what the story has in store for the humans wish of joining the circus :P

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