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    read the post and check out the math from Korgoth's post.if he's right blizz just fucked every pvper prison style.L4R weapon is better for pvp then teir1 "level 90",i hope hes wrong.
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    I wouldnt have minded the ilvl drop if stats stayed the same but since they dropped I now have to regem/reforge/re-enchant all of my chars to have the right amount of hit/exp or whatever. Guess I need to figure out a new best way for all those chars. Goddamit...
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    also for mog this sucks, now i dont have the same pieces i may have wanted to hold on to

    thanks blizz

    Of topic, kind of pissed you letting everyone have the warbot, now its not so cool a pet unless you make the ones that people got from mountain dew rares and the ones you sell not rare for pet battles

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    oh no! i have a lower ilevel for a month!

    you didn't work hard til you earned t2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgru View Post
    oh no! i have a lower ilevel for a month!

    you didn't work hard til you earned t2.
    What? All my T2 got downgraded as well, except for the weapons, but I was using DW ones anyways.

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    I understand why they made the changes to PVP Gear, but with the class changes as well PVP is a bit of a joke right now. However, it is more balanced in terms of gear (No more me fully buffed 170k with a 110k warrior) with people who PVP having health between 135/150k due to loads returning to try out new stuff.

    The only problem I have is that they didn't bother putting any PVP Power onto PVP Weapons below level 90. For level 90 PVP weapons will have PVP Power on them which makes them actually worth getting. For me now, I think I may have to go LFR Madness and get me a Gurth for a few weeks, also wouldn't mind it as a Mog option. Slightly disappointing for me seen as though I was one piece off fully Cataclysmic before the patch and got the vast majority of my Conquest from Random BGs xD
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