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    Who can do the math? Is using CR FnB CBs on 2 targets a DPS gain with T18-4pc?

    Let's assume your CBs hit with 200k avg. FnB goes for a 33.3% dmg reduction, making your CBs hit for 140k each, albeit using 2 embers. First, the simple math, not taking into consideration a 1,8s time benefit each nor losing an additional ember.

    A single CB takes up 1.8s to cast, 200k ~= 111k DPS.
    An FnB CB on two targets, 1.8s, 280k ~= 155k DPS.

    That'd would look stupidly easy to evaluate, however we have to take into consideration if an additional ember, which would result in 111k followup dps makes up for a short 155k dps burst. An ember is (at worst case) generated with 4 incs, rather 3, with Conflag ahead you'd spend roughly 5s around 30k DPS to regen another ember. Now, with GoSac and the T18-4pc in mind, what would you assume?

    Can anyone do the math and continue to see whether it would be a gain? It's only about the FnB CBs, the actual sustain is ST again.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Why not just Havoc it and forget FnB ?

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    Pretty sure he's asking without that in mind. Because obviously you will be Havocing first for two full damage chaos bolts. But then you have 15sec down time (or less if your smart and pre-casted havoc to use it twice in a row) to where you could use the chaos FnB. I'm just curious if honestly you would have the time to generate all the embers needed. I'm not a math guy but I see where he's going with this. Don't think it will be the case though sadly.

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    It isn't. FnB spells do less damage -- I think they lose mastery scaling.

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    You forget that F&B spells are not affected by Sacrifice too, don't see how it can be worth it, really.

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    The biggest issue to consider (in my opinion) is priority target damage. Most of the time you want full damage on a certain target. Can you think of a situation where going F&B CBs would actually be applicable? So far I cannot as the main target wants killing or we can properly AoE on farm stuff. Now F&B fillers and normal CBs makes more sense.

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