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    How To Fix "Fatal exception" (ERROR #???'s) Basic Guide.

    Seeing a crash when walking / flying etc etc? Getting a message like this?

    "ERROR #132 (0x85100084) Fatal exception!

    Program: C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Wow.exe
    ProcessID: 2944
    Exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 001B:00E3A946

    The instruction at "0x00E3A946" referenced memory at "0x0000001C".
    The memory could not be "written"."

    Well Try the following:
    Step #1 Disable any Anti-Virus / Spyware protection including the windows defender! Or allow access to WoW.Exe Wow-64.exe or the World of Warcraft Launcher.exe located in C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft

    Step #2 Go to C:\ProgramData and remove Blizzard Entertainment and Battle.net folders.

    Step #3 Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft and make a folder called whatever you want mine is called "backup" now place WTF, Cache, Interface, Errors, Logs in this folder called Backup.

    Step #4 Make sure you are allowing access to warcraft from router.

    Step #5 Make sure Agent.exe and WoW.exe and WoW-64.exe and World of Warcraft Launcher.exe are able to accept outgoing and incoming connections via your firewall settings (including windows firewall)

    Step #6 Right click on your wow install folder C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft select Properties make sure "Read Only" is unticked if not untick it and apply.

    Step #7 Make sure windows is up-to-date Go to your graphics card providers website and check don't just use windows update.

    Step #8 Press Windows Key + R or just go to run and type "attrib -r +s C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft" without the "'s This will force remove the "read only" status from the warcraft install folder.

    Step #9 Load Warcraft allow it to update files and stuff then login and play.

    You might not need all the steps above but just try them. Oh and agent.exe is located in C:\ProgramData\Battle.net\Agent if that helps. Remember unblock this in firewall/virus/spyware protection!

    Hope this helps.

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    Not sure if i trust a guy with a troll solo avatar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
    Not sure if i trust a guy with a troll solo avatar.
    If you don't trust me google my solutions and see what they do for yourself they might work for you they might not. But the wont harm your system that's for sure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
    Not sure if i trust a guy with a troll solo avatar.
    Most of those steps are ones Blizz offers to resolve multiple issues anyways and steps 6 and 8 are just making sure the user account and WoW has permission to write to the directory. The worst those steps will do is make your client unplayable and forcing you to reinstall it.

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