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    Lagged all my life, now I have a job. (Building a computer for the first time)

    As the title suggests I have been forced to play games on minimum settings while still experiencing lag. I don't want to do that anymore.

    Here is what I am looking at:

    MoBo: ASRock Z77 Pro4 – $109.99
    CPU: Intel i5 3570k – $229.99
    RAM: Corsar XMS3 1600MHz 4x4GB – $89.99
    GPU: Gigabyte Windforce Radeon 7950 – $339.99
    HDD: Samsung Spinpoint 1TB – $69.99
    PSU: Seasonic S12II 520W – $69.99
    Case: Fractal Design Arc Midi – $109.99

    I plan to use the computer for games as well as school work (statistics and stuff).

    How does this look? When is a heatsink needed?

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    Heatsink is used to draw heat away from various components. In the above setup you'd only use one on the cpu, and it will come with one by default.

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    You will definitely want to get an aftermarket cooler for that processor, Hyper 212 Plus or Evo whichever is cheaper, Xigmatek Gaia is also an option. Given what you are spending adding an SSD wouldn't be out of the question either, Samsung 830 series would be something to look into.

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    It looks fine, you might want to look into getting an SSD and aftermarket heatsink. You only need an aftermarket heatsink if you plan on overclocking or want the lowest temps/noise possible. If you don't want to oc then the stock one that comes with the cpu is more than enough.

    Here's some heatsinks

    Here's some SSDs

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    I have the exact same build as you, only I added an SSD and an aftermarket fan for when i juice it up.

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    I will definitely get an SSD. I don't plan on overclocking so I probably won't get a heatsink at this time.

    One problem I have is that due to the layout of my apartment my computer will have to be wireless. Should I get a USB device for this or are there other internal options (inside the case)?

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    If you absolutely HAVE to have wireless, you need to get a dedicated wireless card for inside the computer.

    PCs are not meant to run games wirelessly. Its AWFUL. I spent a year or so playing on wireless and hard wiring a cable through the walls from my modem was the best decision I ever made.

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    If you don't intend to overclock you're wasting money on the K CPU, a 3550 would be a fine alternative.

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